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Sudbury “on the right track,” says McKenna

By Jason Thompson Greater Sudbury is on the right track. That’s the message former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna spread at a gathering at Tom Davies Square in Sudbury Sept. 20.

Mafic Studios – bringing ideas to life

From Pilot Investors to Focus Magazine, to a variety of aerospace firms, more and more international clients in need of bringing their ideas to life are turning to a Sudbury-based 3-D illustration and animation company.

Inco's aerial seeding program takes flight

By Nick Stewart As the leaves begin to fall, fertilizer has been flying at Inco Ltd. in recent weeks as part of an annual dedication to its aerial seeding program.

Bejeweled attractions spur visitor increase

By Marek Krasuski The City of Greater Sudbury’s manager of tourism, programs and partnerships, Robert Skelly, has seen tourist revenues to the region increase, largely through the participation of industry partners and long range planning.

Recruiting local teachers for South

By Adelle Larmour Recruiting English-speaking teachers in South Korea is big business for thousands of private schools in the densely-populated country, and Sudbury's Jason Cresswell has capitalized on that need.

On the road Mobile Training sheds light on safe workplace regulations

By NICK STEWART Health and safety is an issue that is ever driving forward, a fact that is literally true for Mobile Training Consultants (MTC), who derive their mobility from a 26-foot, fifth wheel, RV trailer.

Economy swallows land

By Ian Ross The economic spinoffs from Sudbury’s mining boom and improving economy is having a ripple effect in construction throughout the industrial, commercial and institutional sector.

Sudbury’s red-hot housing boom

By kelly louiseize Greater Sudbury is only scratching the surface on potential development says two land investors, and the momentum just keeps on growing.

ConceptShare seamlessly pooling graphic ideas

By NICK STEWART A Greater Sudbury-based company is developing a program that will enable people to seamlessly and efficiently pool their graphical ideas online.

Incentives spark new beginnings for filmmakers

By NICK STEWART The face of cinema in the North has started to change in recent years, allowing greater opportunities for up-and-coming filmmakers choosing to ply their craft within the region.