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New brew, new logo (05/05)

By IAN ROSS Reclamation projects are nothing new to Bill Sharpe. The packaging whiz behind the creation of Lakeport Brewing Corp. from an abandoned Heineken plant in Hamilton has huge expectations he can put Northern Breweries back on the map.

From napkins to new media (04/05)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE It takes volumes of documents and conversation to explain what Kris Holland, a Sudbury-based entrepreneur, could illustrate in a simple 3-D computer image. Simple for Holland, but not so for many.

Agile local seizes granite market (04/05)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Persistence, efficiency and a niche market are paying off for Thunder Bay’s Granite Tops.

Sweating the very small things (04/05)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Molecular World Inc. has built itself a reputation as one of the keys to Thunder Bay’s health sciences sector.

A one stop invention shop (04/05)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE From day one there were people telling Michael Gauthier, co-owner of Deviat Product Development Services, his business idea would not work.
Organic thinking pays off in Parry Sound

Organic thinking pays off in Parry Sound

Crofter's Organic expanding warehouse and freezer space to continue growing fruit spread enterprise

Mining contractor carves national niche (04/05)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Cementation Canada Inc. brings a two-fold approach to tendering large mining projects that no other contracting company has. Its owners believe that makes the company an attractive, flexible option for resource development.

Mining still driving Sudbury, but road to growth expanding (03/05)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Mining continues to fuel Greater Sudbury’s economy, as attendees of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce January After Business networking event heard. The Jan.

New editor takes over (02/05)

Patricia Mills, Publisher of Northern Ontario Business, is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Craig Gilbert as Managing Editor of Northern Ontario Business.

Labour expert working to close ‘incredible’ gap (02/05)

By IAN ROSS Dan Newell grew up in a mining town. He knows how skilled immigrant labour grew Northern Ontario.