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The price of fuel sparks Tri-Town survey

With fuel prices regularly higher in the region than in outlying areas, the Tri-Town & District Chamber of Commerce is surveying members as the first step towards coping with the problem.

Scoping the North for solar potential

A Toronto renewable energy developer won’t confirm if Thunder Bay is in the running as the site for one of Canada’s first, and North America’s largest, solar farm.

Installing solar to replace diesel generators

Outfitters and remote lodge owners are slowly gaining a measure of energy independence from their fuel-hogging diesel generators.

Go West: TBay firm eyes Alberta oil sands projects

Alberta’s runaway oil and gas industry has stretched its labour and manufacturing capacity to its limits.

Keeping business in the family

Jukka Ovaska knows the 5 P’s -- Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance -- intimately.

New director cultivates forest bioproducts for markets

When Robert Deline was growing up on a New Liskeard dairy farm, nobody used ginseng or naturally grown herbal remedies to cure what ailed them.

Buying time for Atikokan plant

Atikokan mayor Dennis Brown remains hopeful another postponement of the McGuinty government’s goal to eliminate all coal-fired generating stations will buy time for the 200 megawatt plant in his northwestern Ontario community.

Water levels dredge up tourism concerns

Decreasing water levels on the Great Lakes are impacting some water-based tourist operations and their communities.

Fueling independence through home brewing

It may be the next best thing to having an oil well and refinery in your backyard. For a Sault Ste. Marie scientist-turned-entrepreneur, Dr. Luc Duchesne’s Frankentank Biodiesel System is a technology that’s right for the times.

Power rebate sends mixed messages

A new provincial energy rebate program to help Northern Ontario’s struggling forestry industry received mixed reviews from industry stakeholders. Premier Dalton McGuinty chose the hit-hard forestry City of Thunder Bay, Nov.