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Activity heating up in bioenergy sector

This year, bioenergy projects in Canada's forestry communities are on fast-forward.

Ring of Fire in James Bay Lowlands

The man with a dream sits on a wooden bench 190 kilometers north of the Albany River and 240 kilometers west of James Bay. Neil Novak, P. Geo., is wearing two hats today, the real one of which reads Spider Resources Inc.

Fish farmer adds value with fertilizer from the deep

A Manitoulin fish farmer is taking waste byproduct that ended up in landfill and is converting it to compost.

Building Laurentian University's School of Architecture

With $15 million in annual benefits for the City of Greater Sudbury and an injection of creative talent, expectations for the proposed Northern Ontario School of Architecture are riding high following the completion of a feasibility study.

Northern forests are producing more than just two-by-fours

Trevor Laing may become one of the future poster boys of the new trends in value-added forest products.

Smart meters help small business save on electricity output

Once smart meters are installed throughout Ontario, they can be used by small businesses as tools to manage electricity consumption, according to North Bay Hydro's chief operating officer.

MaJIC launches operations with Northern College

With the hiring of its first CEO, the Materials Joining Innovation Center (MaJIC) is ready to hit the ground running. Donald Jan Dekker, C.E.T., C.S.T., launches the Center’s operation May 1. Mr.

Utilizing the forest's natural chemical factories-trees

It is possible that struggling northern pulp mills can survive by transforming into ethanol plants, said retired Tembec CEO and founder Frank Dottori. “I think over the next few years you’re going to see some breakthroughs in technologies.

Plant construction proceeds despite mill closure

The ground has been broken on Atikokan's 10 megawatt clean electricity cogeneration plant despite the fact that its main source of fuel is in receivership.

Efficiency encouraged by software

Hatch Energy is helping the mine and forestry sectors to save money during energy assessments thanks to a computer diagnostic tool.