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Geothermal project makes headway

Geothermal energy could save the City of Timmins money on heating and air-conditioning costs. It could also be used as a tool to attract new businesses.

$200M energy project advances (10/02)

Plans by Synfuel Technologies, a small Illinois-based energy company, to build a 120-megawatt cogeneration plant in Thunder Bay are progressing, according to Robert Van Patten, president of the company.

Dryden residents face hydro rate hikes of up to 40 per cent (10/02)

Residents in Ontario face a major change in their hydro bill next spring as Hydro One overhauls their rates for some parts of rural Ontario. Dryden is one of 17 municipalities in the province that could see power bills increase by up to 40 per cent.

A clearcut explanation (10/02)

Forestry companies in the Algoma area opened their woodlots and plantations for viewing and scrutiny as part of an effort to keep the public informed on forestry practices.

Discovery aids in industrial remedial process (3/03)

In a chemistry lab within the walls of Laurentian University researchers have developed molecules, which could improve the remedial process of industrial water.

Water resource program first in Canada (3/03)

A new educational river overflowing with possibilities runs through Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. Starting in September 2003, the institution will open its doors to students in the newly created water resource science program.

Mill investigated following chemical leak (8/02)

Dryden residents spent some anxious hours wondering if the community would be evacuated following a chlorine dioxide leak from Weyerhaeuser's pulp and paper mill on July 30.

Biomass project moves forward (8/02)

Phase 2 of the proposed biomass waste disposal project in Emo Township is underway with an application to FedNor and to the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines for funding.

Incentives offered for green energy use (8/02)

Fuelled by energy savings and some financial help from Natural Resources Canada, architects across Canada and Northern Ontario are signing on to a unique incentive program aimed at promoting the design of better energy-efficient buildings.

Rail land cleanup, land development tagged at $43 million (8/02)

The cost to clean up North Bay's former CP Railway lands and install its waterfront vision is pegged at $43 million.