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Powerline technicians learn the ropes

There are no snow days in this class. Work is not cancelled due to inclement weather.

One of the North's simple ironies: Plenty of water and we are facing an energy crisis

Drastic changes in provincial energy policies will result in a minimum 15 per cent spike in energy prices over the next two decades, according to representatives from the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

Sault transit turns to bio-diesel

A Sault Ste. Marie green energy technology company hopes to warm up the local market to the idea of using green fuels. SITTM Technologies Inc. is supplying a soybean oil product called B99.9 Soy Bio-diesel to a City Transit bus on a trial basis.
Auto parts recycler goes online

Auto parts recycler goes online

The Racco family are out to change the whole junky stigma behind the auto graveyard.

Particulates slipping through industry cracks

There may be more to air pollution than what meets the eye. In fact, it is the fine minute particles slipping through industrial scrubbers and government regulations that have created enough concern to spur Dr.

Energy carries big price tag

Efforts to adjust to the province's proposed energy mix may raise the price of energy by at least 15 per cent over the next 20 years, according to Paul Shervill, vice-president of conservation and sector development for the Ontario Power Authority.

Powered by methane

Northern Ontario’s first methane powered electricity plant is up and running. Since its official launching Sept. 6, 2007 at the City of Greater Sudbury’s landfill site, the plant is currently producing 1.2 megawatts (MW) of power.

Big Green Oil producers head to market

Two Sault Ste. Marie entrepreneurs are ready to 'Stick It to the Man' (SITTM) in a very big way.

Wind tower proposal considered near

A former project management worker for firms in the oil fields of Alberta is looking to the green fields of Northern Ontario as he examines the potential for a wind farm south of the Magnetawan First Nation.

Lack of policy stalls aquaculture growth

When Mike Meeker began fish farming rainbow trout on Manitoulin Island in 1984, his plans were simple: keep a low profile and concentrate on growing the business.