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Incentives offered for green energy use (8/02)

Fuelled by energy savings and some financial help from Natural Resources Canada, architects across Canada and Northern Ontario are signing on to a unique incentive program aimed at promoting the design of better energy-efficient buildings.

Rail land cleanup, land development tagged at $43 million (8/02)

The cost to clean up North Bay's former CP Railway lands and install its waterfront vision is pegged at $43 million.

Soaring temperatures force company to initiate shutdowns (8/02)

Falconbridge Ltd. has been facing soaring electricity prices during the warm summer, while independent electricity market operators have been making pleas to the public to reduce hydro consumption.

Grain companies express concern over incinerator proposal (8/02)

Two grain companies warn they may stop buying Timiskaming farm products unless Bennett Environmental Ltd. alleviates their concerns about a proposed hazardous waste incinerator for Kirkland Lake.

MOE to launch clear-cut investigation (8/02)

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MOEE) was preparing to launch an investigation of the Ministry of Natural Resources to examine massive clearcuts in the Gordon Cosens forest.

First Nations receive federal funding (8/02)

Several First Nations communities in the North were beneficiaries of a $1.7 million federal package for economic development projects.

Clearcut accusations denied (8/02)

Clergue Forest Management is fending off accusations by an environmental group that accuses them of skirting provincial clearcut regulations. Earthroots claims the Sault Ste.

$200M upgrades underway (9/02)

A major chlorine dioxide leak left Weyerhaeuser and the community of Dryden in reactionary mode, sabotaging the company’s good intentions to spend millions on upgrades on the plant this year.

Agricultural sector joins outcry in plant proposal (8/02)

Timiskaming dairy farmers are prepared to go to court, if necessary, to stop the construction of a hazardous waste incinerator in Kirkland Lake and protect their livelihood.

Sewage plant upgrades pegged at $43M (8/02)

A pre-engineering study in Sault Ste. Marie is recommending a $23.5-million upgrade to the city's east-end water pollution control plant, and an additional $19.48 million to install secondary treatment technology.