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Kirkland Lake marijuana producer licensed to sell

Delshen Therapeutics focused on women’s products in the pot market
Delshen 1

Delshen Therapeutics, the budding Kirkland Lake-area cannabis producer, has received a licence from Health Canada to sell dried cannabis, cannabis plants and seeds.

“What an incredible week for cannabis,” said 48North Cannabis CEO Alison Gordon, the parent company of Delshen, in a June 25 statement.

“We are thrilled to be part of a small group of licensed producers to have received a sales licence, and as a result, are able to participate in the early-stage, legal recreational cannabis market in Canada.”

The company, which recently became publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange, has a 40,000-square-foot building on an 800-acre property near Kirkland Lake.

“Near-term revenue from sales will support the brand and business, as we continue to focus on developing women-oriented products and brands in the consumer packaged goods space (CPG), including cannabis-infused edibles, drinkables, cosmetics and skin care,” said Gordon.

DelShen received its cultivation license in February 2017 and has been growing unique genetics sourced from the Netherlands.

"We will continue to leverage our cultivation facilities, along with our production and sales licence, in support of partnerships both in and out of the cannabis space,” said Gordon.

“It is our goal to have CPG licensed products available upon legalization of adult-use cannabis in accordance with the Cannabis Act."