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Bearskin airlines - Making tracks across the North

By NICK STEWART Competition grows fierce for talented in the aviation industry as larger carriers snap up pilots and maintenance workers. However, Bearskin Airlines has a plan to retain employees and grow their fleet.

NAC air LP - Stretches its wings beyond Ontario

By NICK STEWART With new aircraft, new out-of-province flights and a renewed focus on charters, NAC Air LP is pushing forward. Since December 2006, the company has acquired five new Pilatus PC-12 planes, each with the capacity for nine passengers.

Aircraft charters offer timely travel alternatives

By NICK STEWART With the modern business environment moving further beyond the borders of one’s local market, corporate aircraft charters represent an appealing travel option for more and more companies on the go.

Connecting communities with Georgian Bay touring route

By NICK STEWART Sudbury is looking to further expand its reach into the international tourism market through a proposed Georgian Bay touring route.

The price of fuel sparks Tri-Town survey

By NICK STEWART With fuel prices regularly higher in the region than in outlying areas, the Tri-Town & District Chamber of Commerce is surveying members as the first step towards coping with the problem.

No 'super' lock planned for Sault canal

By IAN ROSS Boosters of a new ‘super lock’ for Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan may have to wait two years for a change in the White House. The Bush administration has refused to fund the construction of a long-awaited new shipping lock on the St.

Deluce soars with Porter Airlines

By IAN ROSS In his teens, Robert Deluce was a familiar sight in the skies over Northern Ontario.

International Bridge takes its toll

By IAN ROSS If Sault Ste. Marie’s multi-modal transportation concept ever becomes reality, International Bridge general manager Phil Becker would be all for it.

Improving traffic flow along the Hwy. 11-17 corridor

By IAN ROSS The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is dusting off a 50-year-old plan to improve traffic flow through North Bay, and hopefully ease some development frustrations, with a new Highway 11/17 bypass.

Business soaring for Gateway Helicopters

By NICK STEWART While the sky seems to be the limit for mining exploration activity, the same could be said for North Bay’s Gateway Helicopters. In 2004, Gateway employed 25 people and purchased 10 helicopters.