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Floating the idea of a James Bay port

By NICK STEWART Momentum is building as key regional leaders examine the possibility of a Northern Ontario James Bay Coast sea port.

Cruise ships head for upper lakes in '09

By IAN ROSS Smaller cruise ships scheduled to ply the upper Great Lakes in 2009 maybe the start of a new trend in adventure cruising.

Industry awareness eases tire shortage

By HEIDI ULRICHSEN Back in 2002, tire manufacturers had large stockpiles of industrial tires waiting to be sold.

Federal agencies help with export opportunities

By NICK STEWART When Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) officials wanted to bring their expertise and advanced technical knowledge to NASA to deliver high-tech outer space drills, they looked to the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

Winter roads a lifeline for many Far North communities

By NICK STEWART For outsiders, the Far North winter road program may be little more than a point of interest as an item on which the provincial government spends more than $3 million every year.

Trucking pioneer gets his due

By IAN ROSS All of Northern Ontario’s economy hinges on moving freight great distances from one place to another. No one knows that better than the Smith family of Manitoulin Transport.

CN says waterfront developer never made proposal for Sault-Hearst track

Canadian National Railway (CN) says "no formal proposal" was ever made by Sault Ste. Marie waterfront developer Philip Garforth to purchase all or portion of the former Algoma Central Railway.

Web-based pilot supply shop flies into retail outlet

By NICK STEWART Four years after going global, Rob Flindell is now going local.

Sudbury company loads up on logistics

By IAN ROSS Sudbury’s Mansour Group of Companies are expanding into the global logistics business with a $10-million intermodal freight-handling facility and an extended rail spur.

Wasaya Airways - Diversification is key for First Nation carrier

By IAN ROSS Tom Morris takes great pride that his regional airline has survived on “good decision-making.