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Wood WORKS! recognizes champions of wood (11/03)

There are many champions for the cause of wood and WoodWORKS! has recognized their efforts. At a gala evening held at Huntsville’s Deerhurst Resort on Oct.

Industry at loggerheads, crisis looming, operator says (11/03)

With no increase in lumbering rates from large companies to help offset the escalating overhead costs, and no sign of the United States reducing tariffs on softwood lumber, Denis Deschamps has resorted to calling an auctioneer to sell his logging equ

Funding allocated for land use plan, road development (11/03)

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) is committing $1.22 million in funding toward First Nations in northwestern Ontario.

Thunder Bay-based mill scales back workforce (11/03)

Fifty people at Thunder Bay’s Cascades Fine Papers Group are going to be receiving pink slips over the next 12 weeks.

Shortage of wood stunting mill growth (11/03)

The family that works together should not have much to talk about at Christmas dinner, or so one would think. For the Holtz family, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Industry embraces new 10-year process (11/03)

The new rules for managing Ontario’s forests have both positive and negative aspects, but are generally being hailed as positive by all parties.

Forest management under microscope (11/03)

Forests get a lot of use in Northern Ontario.

Kenogami mill back on line, value-added manufacturing eyed (11/03)

It was another kick in the stomach for a community already on economic hard times. In August and again in September of 2002, Kirkland Lake received a double blow with the elimination of a total of over 60 jobs from Tembec’s Kenogami mill.

Gingrich Woodcrafts expands in northwest (11/03)

Leon Gingrich is a man who built his business on his word, his integrity and his passion for woodworking.

Sellers seeking certified wood despite consumer ignorance (11/03)

For Peter Street, certification of the Nipissing sustained forest license area does mean a little extra work.