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Wood frame building will remain at six storeys

Proposed bill would have legalized buildings up to 14 storeys
The province adopted six-storey wood building in 2015. (File photo)

A private member’s bill to legalize wood frame buildings of up to 14 storeys has died on the floor of the provincial Legislature, after Premier Kathleen Wynne prorogued parliament on March 15.

The bill, introduced by Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli last year, would expand on current guidelines under the Ontario Building Code that allows for wood frame buildings of up to six storeys. It was slated for second reading debate on March 29.

But with lawmakers now temporarily adjourned, progress of the proposed legislation comes to a standstill.

It was Fedeli’s 2012 bill that increased wood frame construction from a four-storey maximum to six. It was adopted in 2015.

The Nipissing MPP has argued increasing the legal number of storeys for wood frame buildings would create jobs and help revitalize the Northern Ontario forest industry and was critical of Wynne’s move.

“By increasing the use of wood harvested in residential construction, we help Northern Ontario by providing jobs, and we help southern Ontario meet targets to reduce urban sprawl and reduce construction costs,” Fedeli said in a news release.

“But instead, once again, we see Premier Wynne acting in her own self-interest, not the interests of Northerners or Ontario families on the whole.”

Wynne announced the speech from the throne will take place on March 19.

A provincial election is scheduled for June 7.