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Atikokan mineral exploration initiative moves to second stage

By IAN ROSS The Town of Atikokan is hoping to create new headframes within old mining camps as their mineral development strategy proceeds to the new phase.

MetalCORP sitting pretty beside Hemlo

By NICK STEWART Even now, Aubrey Eveleigh is in disbelief.

Junior miner eager to lead next wave of Red Lake exploration

By IAN ROSS Prices for the precious yellow metal were pushing a 16-month high at $700 an ounce US in September as a Toronto junior miner is sinking close to $90 million into exploration on their high-grade Red Lake gold property.

Shooting for double eagle

By ADELLE LARMOUR Noront Resources Inc.’s Double Eagle property has taken flight with its new nickel/copper discovery in the Sachigo Greenstone Belt area in the James Bay Lowlands.

RLP-the MacGyvers of the resource sector

By HEIDI ULRICHSEN In the 1980s television show MacGyver, an extremely resourceful secret agent named Angus MacGyver got himself out of dangerous situations using a practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items.

Junior becomes miner with North Shore project

By IAN ROSS Ursa Major Minerals is bringing its $120 million Shakespeare nickel-copper deposit west of Sudbury into commercial production.

Neighbouring Red Lake’s Goldcorp mines

By ADELLE LARMOUR Premier Gold Mines Limited is spending millions of dollars on its advanced exploration project in the Red Lake Mining Camp in northwestern Ontario.

CVRD Inco plugs sulphur dioxide holes

By IAN ROSS It would be a stretch to say CVRD Inco's 380-metre Superstack in Sudbury will ever come tumbling down anytime soon as some sooty industrial relic of the past.

Old mining camps site of new exploration for Young-Shannon

By IAN ROSS Young-Shannon Gold Mines president and CEO Greg Lipton subscribes to the old miner’s adage that new deposits can be found next to the old mine shafts, in the so-called ‘shadow of the head frame.

Uranium prompts staking activity

By IAN ROSS The one-time ‘Uranium Capital of the World’ may never regain its title again, but a frenzy of staking activity and some advanced exploration by junior miners in Elliot Lake has led many to wonder if the historic mining camp may be making