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Health & Safety

North Bay hospital takes lead in telecommunications project (3/03)

A convergence of technologies is driving new paradigms at North Bay General Hospital where lead surgeons are assessing the feasibility of telementoring in the medical field.

$221M hospital project underway (3/03)

Community effort is a driving force behind the new North Bay Regional Health Centre. To gain an edge in what people want from a new hospital, the joint executive committee created a test lab in the Northgate Shopping Centre.

Kirkland Lake Gold recruits physician (05/04)

A junior gold producer is hiring a company doctor as an incentive to attract and retain highly skilled employees for its Kirkland Lake gold mine. As part of their benefits package, Kirkland Lake Gold Inc.

Sault to market health-care delivery model

By IAN ROSS Dave Murray knows an opportunity when he sees one. name="valign" top > Elizabeth Bondar, the Group Health Centre's communication manager, says organizations across Canada are interested in the Sault Ste.

Networking is good for you (02/05)

There is no shortage of ideas buzzing in Dr. Rob Williams’ brain.

Surgery amongst the stars (02/05)

Some day Craig McKinley might find himself at the NASA Johnson Space Center giving instructions to a Mars-bound astronaut on how to extract a kidney stone.

Employee recognition increases loyalty (10/04)

At Thunder Bay Hydro, health and safety does not stop after the company has posted the mandatory WHMIS information up on the wall. For the utility company, safety is central to the workplace culture.

Company perks a retention factor (10/04)

Value-added benefits for staff at Travelodge Hotel Airlane in Thunder Bay are not just about employee prescription drug cards, they are also about providing help during an employee’s entire lifecycle.

Encourage employee feedback (10/04)

In a competitive industry where attracting and retaining employees is key to company success, encouraging employee feedback on all aspects of the company may be key to employee retention.

Northern firms set stage for safety on the job (09/03)

For years organizations gave out awards based on “lagging indicators,” which means companies would evaluate their success in health and safety based on the number of injuries or deaths.