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Health & Safety

Hearing loss sounds out concern (09/03)

Once gone, hearing does not come back, but workers are becoming more informed about the importance of protecting their hearing, says audiologist Karen Vye.

Youth job safety: an employer’s role (07/03)

By IAN ROSS Thousands of teenagers show up for work each day. Hundreds are hurt each year. Some die. But employers and parents can help them reach adulthood alive and well.

Mill fined following death of 16-year-old worker (07/03)

The death of a 16-year-old worker in a sawmill accident has resulted in a $225,000 fine being levied against a northwestern Ontario forest products company.

Stress leaves duty to accomodate (12/03)

By Victoria Chiappetta The Ontario Human Rights Code prescribes that every person has a right to be free from discrimination because of a disability or a perceived disability in the area of employment.

Employer’s duty to ensure safety (01/04)

An act to amend the Criminal Code places the onus on business leaders to ensure employee health and safety, or face charges of criminal negligence.

North’s forests studied for cancer antidote harvesting (04/04)

Northern Ontario has been chosen as the prime location for the exploration and potential cultivation of the Canada yew, a plant that has important medicinal properties and is found across the country. BioxelPharma Inc.

Medical school luring professionals back (04/04)

The start of something new is a tremendous opportunity for innovation and it is that potential in the Northern Ontario Medical School (NOMS) founding dean Roger Strasser says is attracting a lot of highly qualified attention.

PhD gives LU more clout (06/04)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Scientists predict this century will be remembered for its developments in medicine, and Laurentian University has taken steps to be part of the growing movement in research by introducing a PhD program in biomolecular sciences.

Biotech fund established (06/04)

Call it a reflection of the Thunder Bay entrepreneurial spirit or willingness from council to increase economic growth, either way the public and private sectors are moving aggressively to create a fund aimed at marketing and enhancing the biotechnol

Biotech degree proposed (06/04)

Driven by private sector support, Cambrian College has introduced a biotechnology applied degree program aimed at environmental development.