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Shallow waters lighten loads

Record low water levels for this season on the Upper Great Lakes are creating concern for commercial shipping lines. Jim Weakley, president of the Lake Carriers Association representing the U.S.

Outdoor wood furnace market on fire

With rising energy costs putting increasingly larger dents in homeowners’ wallets, more and more people are turning to Northern Ontario companies like Innotech Developments International for their home heating solutions.

Conserving energy high on Timmins’ list

Rising energy costs have created a trend that is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for large corporations across Northern Ontario.

Abitibi spin offs power

With eight hydro-electric dams connected to their paper mill assets in Kenora, Fort Frances and Iroquois Falls, Abitibi Consolidated Inc.

Slow progress on wind power projects

Talk of an east-west power grid for Ontario to import surplus power from Newfoundland and Quebec has a North Bay wind power consultant shaking his head at Queen’s Park.

Gov’t cap on hydro gen 'stifling' wind projects

A provincially imposed 50 megawatt (MW) cap on new electricity generation is stifling wind power opportunities in northeastern Ontario, says a North Bay wind consultant.

Hydroponics help First Nation grow

A hydroponic vegetable operation within the walls of the Thessalon First Nation’s Bio Centre is gaining momentum as the community examines ways of diversifying.

Watching the grass - and their company - grow

Diversifying within the agricultural sector not only saved the half-century-old Legault family farm in Timmins, but it capitalized on an untouched market for André and Connie Legault.

Healthier, hardier crops – from a geologist?

When farmers and geologists work together, everybody wins. A group of geoscientists have formed Agricultural Mineral Prospectors Inc.

Engineers can help protect environment: conference

A conference that could change how the engineering world treats the environment will be taking place May 10 to 12 in Ottawa.