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Dr. David Robinson

The assignment is due

J im Watson became the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on October 30, 2007.

Learning from reformed alcoholics

A group of reformed alcoholics were asked if they would rather have $200 today or $500 in six months. That is a payment of 150 per cent for waiting six months. The question comes from a study about what economists call "time-preference.

Let Toronto secede!

I Northerners have it backwards, as usual. We have been saying the North is different from the south. Many of us think the only way to get a sensible government is to have separate governments.

Whisper to a Liberal

If you are a Northerner with Liberal friends, you have the opportunity of a lifetime. You can influence national policy with a few well-placed words. Over the next few weeks the Liberal party will decide if it is going to commit to a carbon tax.

One really big idea

The province gave him an impossible job. As northwestern Ontario economic facilitator, Dr. Bob Rosehart was supposed to work with local people and businesses to help inspire a new generation of growth in the Northwest. Did he succeed? Who knows.

Building a Future for Québec, but not Ontario

A major policy paper in Québec could save Northern Ontario a lot of time. The document is called “Forests: Building a Future for Québec.” It is Québec’s blueprint for digging itself out of the forestry crisis.

Food for thought

It's time for the cities to step up to the plate. Literally. The economics of Northern Ontario depends on what Thunder Bay, Sudbury, North Bay, the Sault, and Timmins dish out.

The Missing Paragraph in the Crown Forest

The Crown Forest Sustainability Act governs our forest economy. The Act is quite clear about its purpose: Northern forests are to be run for the benefit of the south.

Simple, sensible policies

As an economist, I specialize in being simple-minded. Being simple-minded, I think that government policies should encourage good things and discourage bad things. Canada’s leading tax theorist, Jack Mintz, former president of the prestigious C. D.

A climate policy to defend the North

Cut a pie in three. Colour the biggest piece red, the smallest piece green, and the other orange. You now have the foundation for Ontario’s anti-northern energy policy. The red is liquid fuels, the orange is natural gas, and the green is electricity.