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Dr. David Robinson

Food for thought

It's time for the cities to step up to the plate. Literally. The economics of Northern Ontario depends on what Thunder Bay, Sudbury, North Bay, the Sault, and Timmins dish out.

The Missing Paragraph in the Crown Forest

The Crown Forest Sustainability Act governs our forest economy. The Act is quite clear about its purpose: Northern forests are to be run for the benefit of the south.

Simple, sensible policies

As an economist, I specialize in being simple-minded. Being simple-minded, I think that government policies should encourage good things and discourage bad things. Canada’s leading tax theorist, Jack Mintz, former president of the prestigious C. D.

A climate policy to defend the North

Cut a pie in three. Colour the biggest piece red, the smallest piece green, and the other orange. You now have the foundation for Ontario’s anti-northern energy policy. The red is liquid fuels, the orange is natural gas, and the green is electricity.

The war for the woods

Have you ever heard of Schrödinger’s cat? It was the original high-tech zombie – alive and dead at the same time. Northern development is lot like Schrödinger’ cat. Schrödinger invented this story to show how strange quantum mechanics can be.

The war for the woods

Clark Binkley says forests are a very attractive financial asset these days. Binkley should know.

Diversification or excellence

Since the mid 1970s so-called experts have been telling us that economic diversification is the solution to the North’s economic problems. In fact, diversification has been a trap and a failure.

What does the bridge to Cuba mean for the North?

The provincial government is working on a growth plan for Northern Ontario. The big question is whether the government is thinking about bridges.

Community forestry a ‘radical idea’ for MNR

Community forests are back on the agenda. Faced with a train wreck in the forestry sector, leaders in at least a dozen communities are thinking about how to get control of their resources and their futures.

Has your MP read this?

Where do we get good ideas, and what do we do with them? Where is pretty easy – for example consider reading “The Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Profile of the Global Forest Industry” by the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement in the USA.