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Dr. David Robinson

You can’t steer looking backwards: Nuclear in the North (05/06)

Predicting the future is easy if you are looking at the right signals, but it is hard to know which signals to look at. A cab driver I met in Denver last week might have been sending us one of those signals.

Auditing the Corporation of Northern Ontario (04/06)

Ryan Minor is an accountant. Accountants like to think about money in and money out, and Ryan is especially interested in money going in and out of Northern Ontario.

Making the North a forestry superpower (03/06)

When it comes to forestry, we’re a superpower” says Brian Emmett, Assistant Deputy Minister for the Canadian Forest Service. Canada is the third largest forest nation - with Russia first and Brazil second. We have 17 per cent of the world’s forests.

Do you want to live forever? Buy a chair (02/06)

Sir Edward Robert Peacock was the son of a minister in Glengarry County, Ontario. He made a lot of money in business and figured out how to live forever. His story might interest Northern Ontario Business’ most successful and civic-minded readers.

Holiday homework: fix forestry in 40 years (01/06)

Almost every report on the Northern Ontario economy includes the phrase “value-added wood products”.

Northern business, shake hands with Google (12/05)

Let’s assume the web is here to stay. Is there any way to make it benefit the North? One way is to apply the Golden Rule of Google: link and be linked.

Building the creative class: 10,000 slightly better decisions

Richard Florida is the new guru of economic development. His book, The Rise of the Creative Class and How it is Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life, has become the new bible for city and state governments in the USA.

As it stands, the North is born to fall

Northern Ontario doesn't have any serious economic problems. It does have political problems: Northern Ontario doesn't have a government, can't make plans, and can't make decisions.

Coach’s Corner: Are You a NOEDI?

Where is Don Cherry when you need him? The NOEDIs, Northern Ontario’s Economic Development Irregulars, are in a crucial game and they need a coach. Here is the situation. On Sept.