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Laurie Bissonette

Crystal ball gazing: how 2013 could impact your financial future

Crystal ball gazing: how 2013 could impact your financial future

Last year, Canadians were treated to a raucous U.S. election (which I would admit, I find entertaining) and a Washington fiscal melodrama along with ongoing woes in Europe and Asia, which have put a chokehold on global economic growth.
Defusing the cross-border tax-time bomb

Defusing the cross-border tax-time bomb

Entrepreneurs like to think big. It’s in their nature. For some, that means setting up related companies in the U.S. and abroad to grow their business.
When opportunity knocks: selling your business

When opportunity knocks: selling your business

If you are a private company owner contemplating retirement, receiving an unsolicited offer to sell your business might seem like winning the lottery.

High-net-worth individuals “in the sights” of CRA auditors

If you are a high-net-worth individual, you may receive a call from the Canada Revenue Agency as part of a new program to scrutinize Canada’s wealthiest citizens.

Changes to the Canadian Pension Plan

Like it or not, the retirement goal posts are moving. On average people are living longer.

Inside job: guarding against business fraud

Fraud is a crime of opportunity. More often than not, it’s also personal which leaves private enterprises particularly vulnerable.

The Future of Family Business

I am fortunate to work with and advise many business families. I am always in awe of the amazing enterprises they run and continue to build.

What’s going to happen to my SR&ED claim?

In the weeks leading up to the March 29 federal budget, the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program was the subject of many debates concerning its validity as a tool to encourage innovation in Canada.

Planning for your future – if your future is retirement

It is the time of year when I visit with a number of clients with the same question – how much do I need to retire? What should I be doing to ensure my family and I will be comfortable? Some of my clients have lots of time to plan; others wish they c

Peeling back the layers of HST regulations

The HST has been in place in Ontario and British Columbia for the past 18 months and businesses have likely discovered that the harmonized sales tax (HST) has both advantages and challenges.