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Laurie Bissonette

Reducing immediate taxes leaves the funds in your “jeans”

As a firm, we have “lunch ‘n learn” sessions to keep us current so that we may appropriately advise our clients as to changes in taxation and accounting principles and philosophy.

Are you accurately reporting employee taxable benefits?

As a business owner, you know that employee morale is key to your company’s success. To help motivate morale and keep competitive with other businesses, you likely provide employee benefits such as health and dental insurance.

To buy or not to buy?

A lot of the entrepreneurs that I work with are looking at acquiring businesses to fuel growth.

Tap into tax savings from your innovations

Innovation is a core driver of growth, and ultimately business value. It’s critical for your company’s success. Innovation may include investing in new technology, developing new products, or processes, and finding more effective ways to compete.

Thinking of going global?

Northern Ontario has both benefitted and struggled as a result of our historical reliance on our phenomenal commodities. These commodities were the basis for our residency in the North.

The impact of anti-bribery and corruption legislation on your business

Bribery and corruption exist in all parts of the world in varying degrees. Regulatory authorities around the world, in increasing numbers, are continuing to investigate and prosecute cases involving bribery and corruption.

Cash is king - so is a cash culture in your business

Cash is key to the survival and growth of any business. Owners need to manage cash in order to optimize liquidity and improve the “bottom line.

Does your business family need family meetings?

Working with family members provides an opportunity to bond with each other; however the overlap of mixing family values together with business, and business ownership can also create tension and conflict.

Tax planning can benefit your cash flow

On my first day with the firm, someone told me “Cash is King”. Those are words to live by for an accountant — I know I will never forget them.

Transformation: a blueprint for success

What makes for a successful business owner or entrepreneur during transformational economic times? I will admit that I have enjoyed nothing more than to listen to stories from entrepreneurs about how they transformed an idea into a thriving business.