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Laurie Bissonette

Does your business family need family meetings?

Working with family members provides an opportunity to bond with each other; however the overlap of mixing family values together with business, and business ownership can also create tension and conflict.

Tax planning can benefit your cash flow

On my first day with the firm, someone told me “Cash is King”. Those are words to live by for an accountant — I know I will never forget them.

Transformation: a blueprint for success

What makes for a successful business owner or entrepreneur during transformational economic times? I will admit that I have enjoyed nothing more than to listen to stories from entrepreneurs about how they transformed an idea into a thriving business.

Plan ahead to help ensure your business survives future generations

I truly enjoy hearing the stories from entrepreneurs and visionaries who have worked for decades to create their businesses. These businesses become like children to them and a large part of their essential self.

Is your business ‘groomed’ for market?

Our family grew up in standardbred horse racing. We spent many a day primping and polishing the finest young stock to walk out onto the showroom floor at the select yearling sale.

Change is here to stay

Never in my long-standing experience in the accounting profession (from my picture you might not have guessed that I have been in the profession for 26 years) have I seen a period of such change.