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Michael Atkins

Thinking about my time in Thunder Bay (12/05)

I arrived in Thunder Bay in the spring of 1971. I was just back from my official post-university motorcycle trip to Europe and broke. I’d never heard of Thunder Bay. Neither had anyone else. It had recently changed its name.

Can revived chamber make a difference? - Michael Atkins (12/04)

Last month, I had the pleasure of addressing the annual meeting of the Northeastern Ontario Chambers of Commerce. I use the term “annual” advisedly, as I am told the last annual general meeting was some 14 years ago.

Would you treat your kids like this? - Michael Atkins (09/05)

The challenge in life is to figure out what is important. Trite, I know, but a place to start. If you are lucky, your family will pound the essentials into you at a young age and the rest will more or less play out reasonably.

A lament on the winding road to Nova Scotia - Michael Atkins (08/05)

For those of you who are regulars, you will know I am now in Nova Scotia, spraining my ankles on shoreline rocks, slipping on the seaweed, walking the beaches, disappearing in the fog, dodging lobsters (I’m allergic), promising my daughter I’ll get t

Toward a Region of Northern Ontario Act - Michael Atkins (06/05)

One of the things I like about this new provincial government is that in spite of some of the obvious missteps in the first couple of years, they seem prepared to take some risk and make some change.

On the matter of Canadian political corruption - MICHAEL ATKINS (05/05)

There is concern, I think we would agree, about political corruption in Ottawa. Michael Atkins The spectacle is hard to avoid.

You can take the man out of the North ... - Michael Atkins (04/05)

I have known J. J. Hilsinger from Sault Ste. Marie for at least a quarter century. I can’t remember when I met him or how I met him. It just seems like I’ve never not known him.

Power, politics and the flammable forest - Michael Atkins (03/05)

Generally, I don’t mind the smell of fish if it is on a plate nestled next to a baked potato slumbering under a little sour cream.

Sometimes the journey is the destination - Michael Atkins (02/05)

I was looking forward to my visit. MICHAEL ATKINS The travel plans were not exotic: Get on a Bearskin Airlines flight to Thunder Bay.

Making sense of the ministry’s prosperity plan - Michael Atkins (01/05)

If 2004 is any guide, miracles do happen. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series, the Tampa Bay somethings won the Stanley Cup, the Toronto Argonauts won the Grey Cup and Col. Moammar Gaddhafi threw in the towel without being invaded.