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Michael Atkins

No plan, no succession, no future

La st month, I wrote about the hollowing out of Northern Ontario and the continuing deterioration of authority, influence and relevance in key sectors.
The medium is the message in Northern Ontario

The medium is the message in Northern Ontario

I have written for years about the colonial aspects of living in rural Canada, most of that experience gained from my life in Northern Ontario and my family history in Nova Scotia.
On getting a little perspective

On getting a little perspective

Once a recession gets into full swing, it develops its own rhythm, like a good hockey game.

Northern Ontario: between a rock and a hedge

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines and the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure held an economic conference in Thunder Bay called the ThinkNorth Summit.

So how long will it last????

“Are we there yet?” No. I just told you we are three hours away. Look at the beautiful scenery. “I’m bored.” Why don’t you read a book? “I get sick to my stomach when I read in the car.

Obama, America and the future

I am 60-years old. I was 15-years old when they shot John F. Kennedy on November 22nd 1963 exactly 45 years ago today as I write. I was 20 on April 14th 1968 when they shot Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tennessee.

On the matter of "shareholder values"

I suppose the good news is we aren't in the property development business in Iceland. The collapse of financial markets around the world has been astonishing, although not surprising.

On the importance of being negative

I was sitting down in the living room the other day trying to figure out how to explain the nature of politics to my 10-year old daughter, Jackie. Not that she had asked of course, but it seemed sensible to be prepared should the moment arise.

The politics of limited expectations

I've been hiding from politics all summer as any sane person would. This is actually very easy to do. Watch no television. Turn off the RSS feeds, listen only to sports radio, and buy books. The difficulty is coming back. I don't want to come back.

It all depends on whose ox is gored

Part of the annual migration to Nova Scotia is the mid-summer get-together at my cousin Bev's house, featuring parts of the family who are still living in the Maritimes and others from across the country who are in the habit of returning to the homel