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Michael Atkins

Perhaps some light at the end of the tunnel

You’ll see on the page opposite, a new series from Northern Ontario Business called “Rethinking Northern Ontario”. The compilation of ideas and perspectives frankly are not that new.

On money and the concentration of power

I ’m sitting at the Oriel Bistro, Sloan Square, London, England with one of my favourite newspapers, The Financial Times.

A spring lament for our country’s soul

Next month I’m going to drink beer, ride my bike, watch my daughter play baseball, read books, take a beginners course in gardening from my wife if she buys me knee pads, (it’s never too late), sail, and consider adopting a religion.

Algoma Steel, again a potential buyer is a seller

I remember some years ago calling an old friend of mine, Brock Smith, on some world beating matter like arranging a ski trip to the Sault.

Cuba; the high cost and benefits of independence

Ireturn from a week in Holguin province not that far from where Fidel (Castro) went to school and some years later started a revolution.

Laurentian University strikes a different course

Occasionally, even when you have grey hair, things don’t play out the way you expect. I am on the board of Laurentian University in Greater Sudbury and generally the most exciting part of the board meeting is to try to find parking.

A book, a committee, the beginning of change

I thought when it happened it might be a little more dramatic...perhaps an illness, an accident, a retirement, maybe a bankruptcy. But no, the first official absence of my column from Northern Ontario Business in 25 years was mundane. I was busy.

So, how will it look in four years???

Dear John, Tom, Lynn, Vic and John; Congratulations on your success. There is no greater honour than to be elected to lead your community. The voters, who know you well, have said they trust you.

A growing interest in regional government

It was a little more than a year ago that I first floated the idea of a new regional government for Northern Ontario. The occasion was the spring 2005 meeting of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities.

Revelling in our independence (09/06)

We revel in our independence. Northern Ontario Business is one of the last independent regional business newspapers in the country. Actually, we were also one of the first. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary.