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Michael Atkins

Rethinking the power equation in the North (05/06)

It was a quarter century ago when I first started thinking about community energy. Actually it was my friend Narasim Katary who had the idea.

On the implications of getting wired (04/06)

The conventional wisdom up here is that Northern Ontario needs to be tuned into the telecommunications revolution (read bandwidth) that is enabling the rest of the world to acquire Attention Deficit Disorder.

Politics: The art of the possible (02/06)

I’ve been a little grumpy lately, actually more than grumpy. I’ve been really grumpy, which is about as dangerous as I get. This election has been a little wearing. ATKINS I should say, more accurately, the idea of the election has been wearing.

Awards business comes full circle

I have been in the award business for at least a quarter century.

The Election: embarrassing, agonizing and cold (01/06)

As some of you may have noticed there is an election about the land. It is an important election. I have managed what, for me, is the unthinkable. I have ignored it. No bets. No polls. No debates. No web sites. No battles.

The Copper Cliff Refinery: a Greek tragedy (07/05)

If you're outside of Sudbury, you probably haven't heard much about Inco's Copper Cliff Refinery. It's not that sexy and certainly at a 140 jobs doesn't rank on the misery scale as we watch the crumbling of forestry employment across the North.

The New Inco: Promise and Challenge (11/05)

Sometimes we get surprised. The purchase of Falconbridge by Inco is big news.

We would be fools not to: building the cluster (10/05)

I made a pitch the other day to the Ontario Mining Association. It wasn’t that risqué, really.

Thinking about my time in Thunder Bay (12/05)

I arrived in Thunder Bay in the spring of 1971. I was just back from my official post-university motorcycle trip to Europe and broke. I’d never heard of Thunder Bay. Neither had anyone else. It had recently changed its name.

Can revived chamber make a difference? - Michael Atkins (12/04)

Last month, I had the pleasure of addressing the annual meeting of the Northeastern Ontario Chambers of Commerce. I use the term “annual” advisedly, as I am told the last annual general meeting was some 14 years ago.