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Thunder Bay

Air Canada reinstates early flights from Thunder Bay (5/02)

Air Canada has reversed a decision it made in March following complaints by business passengers. The company’s 7:20 a.m. flight from Thunder Bay to Toronto was cancelled in March and replaced by an Air Canada Tango flight leaving the city at 8:50 a.

Thunder Bay chamber acclaimed winner of achievement awards (5/02)

The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce has won three achievement awards from the National Association for Membership Development.

Hospital construction in Northern Ontario - Thunder Bay (5/02)

The Thunder Bay Regional Hospital came about as a result of a merger of the McKellar Hospital and the Port Arthur General Hospital.

Forest lands certified to environmental management standards (5/02)

Weyerhaeuser Inc.’s three forest lands in northwestern Ontario have been certified to the ISO Environmental Management System standard.

Province kicks in funding for videoconferencing network (5/02)

A $66,000 provincial investment will help First Nations and Aboriginal associations across the North share knowledge and expertise to provide better local services to their communities.

Scholarships offered to northwestern Ontario students (5/02)

The Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce and Weyerhaeuser Inc. are offering two scholarships worth $1,500 each.

Multimedia online training: a new facet (5/02)

By Michael Lynch When Ken Owen hears people talking about being in on the ground floor of Internet technology he proudly states, “I was in at the sub-basement level.” Owen was providing Internet services before they were invented.

Lumber dispute tops list of issues NOMA president intends to address (5/02)

The new president of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association, Ingrid Parks, has four issues she would like to pursue during her term. Parks, a Kenora councillor, says the softwood lumber dispute tops her list.

Municipalities to collect on $9 million in fines (5/02)

Northwestern Ontario businesses that have not paid fines for provincial offenses could soon have a bill collector knocking on their doors.

Project simplifies gathering of data

By Michael Lynch Northwestern Ontario communities and the area’s chambers of commerce have come together to develop the use of information, communications and geo-spatial technologies.