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Mining company stakes further claims in Sudbury basin (8/02)

URSA Major Minerals Inc., a Toronto mining firm, has staked additional claims in the Sudbury area, hiking their number of mining claims to 308.

Tourism partnerships encouraged (12/02)

By GIANNI UBRIACO Extending from Port Severn to Killarney and hidden among 30,000 small islands and countless inland lakes lies Georgian Bay. Georgian Bay is approximately 190 kilometres long and 80 kilometres wide with a maximum depth of 165 metres.

Science North markets film as leadership tool (12/02)

By GIANNI UBRIACO In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew of 28 men embarked on an exploration of the Antarctic, but their voyage of travel turned out to be a struggle to survive as they encountered various problems along the way.

Prototype developed with safety in mind (12/02)

By Scott Hunter Haddow The Denis brothers of Matheson are not out to save the world, but they are hoping their new invention will save lives in the drilling industry. Their company, Techni Drill Inc.

Research project aims to go deep (12/02)

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW Buried deep below the earth’s surface is a potential solution to sustaining the mining industry in Sudbury and Northern Ontario for many years to come. The problem is getting to the solution.

Sudbury taxpayers to bear burden of rising costs, report says (9/02)

With a dwindling population and a shrinking tax base, Sudbury taxpayers may be placed in a financial pinch in paying for the rising costs of operating the Greater City of Sudbury.

Conference to focus on latest trends in housing industry (9/02)

Sudbury's most comprehensive local market-analysis conference designed for anyone who needs to be on top of the latest trends in the housing industry will take place Oct. 24 at the Science North Cavern in Sudbury.

Business leaders to provide insight into future plans (9/02)

During a one-day seminar in October, Greater Sudbury business leaders will share their plans and visions for the future, and provide insight into how their plans will impact the local economy. Greater Sudbury Development Corp.

Good ch’i helps businesses prosper (9/02)

By Ian Ross It is about balancing the yin with the yang, and clearing away those blockages that impede good ch’i. Because if you don’t have good ch’i in the workplace...well, you will have problems.

Wind farm project closer to fruition (7/02)

The City of Greater Sudbury is forging ahead with the next phase of its wind farm project by partnering with Northland Power Inc. and REPower Wind Corp.