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Sault company lands distributorship for bug trap

The new system will be used in conjunction with BioForest Technologies’ product, TreeAzin®, an organic insecticide that battles the onset of emerald ash borer.
The emerald ash borer burrows under the bark of ash trees, eating the tree from the inside out and eventually killing it.

BioForest Technologies of Sault Ste. Marie has announced it’s expanding its product line in 2017 with a trap to capture emerald ash borer (EAB).

The company will partner with Sylvar Technologies Inc. to distribute the aPhinityEAB trapping system in Canada and the U.S.

Sylvar produces insect monitoring tools; in particular, green prism traps and lures that attract and bait EAB adult beetles. The system is used for early detection and monitoring population trends.

“The collection of pest population data is a critical component of any insect management program,” said Paul Bolan, BioForest’s vice-president, in a news release.

“A common challenge with EAB is the uncertainty of when and where to target treatments, removals, and replacements. Data collected from prism traps helps focus these efforts resulting in a more efficient use of EAB management funds.”

BioForest will use the Sylvar monitoring system as another component in its work to control and eradicate EAB from communities across North America.

Developed in 2001, BioForest’s product TreeAzin® is a botanical insecticide manufactured from the neem tree, designed to combat the onset of emerald ash borer (EAB). The emerald green beetle is an invasive species that destroys ash trees by burrowing into the bark, eating the tree from the inside out and eventually killing it.

BioForest has also developed an industry leading microinjection system, the EcoJect® System, used to apply TreeAzin into high-value trees.

BioForest was purchased by Quebec company Lallemand Plant Care last year, and now operates as a division of that company.