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Aircraft servicer lands in Sault Ste. Marie

By IAN ROSS Business partners Don McNabb and Julian Chin had originally planned to officially open the hangar doors on their aircraft inspection and repair shop in Sault Ste. Marie by early summer, but their clients couldn’t wait.

Taking exporting to the next level

Souris River Canoes seeks to expand market to Europe, Japan

MTI aims to reduce underground emissions

By HEIDI ULRICHSEN AMining Technologies International (MTI) Inc. is testing a pair of technologies that would reduce emissions produced by mining equipment and improve underground air quality.

Shortening airport runway not negotiable

By IAN ROSS North Bay mayor Vic Fedeli wants Ottawa to upgrade local transportation infrastructure, not help tear it up.

High demand for industry grads

By NICK STEWART The employment shortage anticipated across countless global industries is also expected to touch down on the aviation sector, sparking an “unprecedented” level of interest in post-secondary aviation programs across the North.

Sudbury to ask province for mining revenue share

By NICK STEWART Armed with a new report detailing the drop in property taxes it has received from mining companies, the City of Greater Sudbury is looking to take a new step on its quest for funding to bolster its infrastructure.

Floating the idea of a James Bay port

By NICK STEWART Momentum is building as key regional leaders examine the possibility of a Northern Ontario James Bay Coast sea port.

Cruise ships head for upper lakes in '09

By IAN ROSS Smaller cruise ships scheduled to ply the upper Great Lakes in 2009 maybe the start of a new trend in adventure cruising.

Industry awareness eases tire shortage

By HEIDI ULRICHSEN Back in 2002, tire manufacturers had large stockpiles of industrial tires waiting to be sold.

Federal agencies help with export opportunities

By NICK STEWART When Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) officials wanted to bring their expertise and advanced technical knowledge to NASA to deliver high-tech outer space drills, they looked to the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)