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Test waters across the border (06/04)

By IAN ROSS Build upon what you do best and stay there. “Find a niche and do the best that you can do,” says Keith Robinson, co-owner of Souris River Canoes, an Atikokan builder of high-quality composite canoes.

Postcards give bang for a buck (06/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Tony Marinaro, director of operations for Kish-Gon-Dug Canada in Devlin, Ont., says the $1,000 they spent on post cards to lawn and garden retailers in the U.S. is proving to have been a wise investment.

Café, Internet an affordable mix (05/04)

By RICK HOULE Tom Stephenson, café manager at Sault Ste. Marie’s Hidden Bay Café, has recognized the growing trend in laptop computer use and has added a wireless Internet connection to his establishment.

City looks to opportunities in data storage (04/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Even as Timmins’ future is starting to shine brighter with the glint of gold and nickel, there is no reason for the community to rest on its laurels.

Innovator of the month (03/04)

Bernice Adkins, an 85-year-old step dancer in Sudbury, invented a device that allows for water to be discharged from a hot water radiator without spraying.

Innovator of the month (12/03)

WESSMAN of North Bay, after six years of toiling with his idea, invented a set of wings that bolt onto each side of a snowblower and enables an extra six inches of snow to be cleared on either side. The wings can be adjusted to various angles.

Future in the palm of his hand (12/03)

By ANDREW WAREING A conversation with Nigel Leith is a little like riding a roller coaster.

Biotech cluster in the offing (11/03)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Out of a need to propel the northern region forward, Northern Centre for Biotechnology and Clinical Research put forth an application to form a committee to study and establish biotechnology initiatives here in the North.

Italian manufacturers target of mission (01/04)

In building upon the North American success of Filtrec, a European filter manufacturer in Northern Ontario, the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corp.

Software framework extends capabilities of client server (11/03)

KELLY LOUISEIZE Thunder Bay company fsc Limited has received $400,000 in Industrial Research Assistance Program funding to develop a new software technology product used in conjunction with Microsoft.NET. Microsoft.