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Progressive firms embracing e-learning (04/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business Forward-thinking companies are embracing e-learning to become more productive, innovative and efficient, while creating a generation of employees who are motivated, life-long learners.

Roadmap to convergence (04/04)

“The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce salutes the Northern Voice and Data group of companies on their latest acquisition.

Animated success (04/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business It’s been called the Great White North’s version of South Park.

Scientists turn to industry for space technologies (07/04)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Northern Ontario Business Canadian scientists are going to Mars in 2011, and representatives from private and public industry visited Sudbury hailing opportunities for technology-driven institutions.

O.N.Telcom unveils new name, new image (07/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business O.N. Telcom has adopted a new name and a growth strategy to expand its base across Northern Ontario.

Aaron Vesa, tire lifter (07/04)

AARON VESA says one of the biggest problems in the mechanics trade today is the aging workforce. While companies have made machines to help relieve workers of heavy lifting, they have not invented a tool to help lift heavy tires onto the rims.

Tractor prototype set for production startup (06/04)

By IAN ROSS A Mississauga manufacturer expects to begin serialized production of a commercial turf care tractor in North Bay this fall. Robert Ernst, one of the principles with GP-Turfcare Inc.

Paul Laplante, time saver for the renovator (06/04)

Paul Laplante, renovator and businessman, was putting up drywall and completing the job by taping the joints when he thought to himself “There must be an easier way to do this.

Build alliances with big players (06/04)

By ANDREW WAREING For IT strategies consulting company Collective Minds Consulting in North Bay, breaking into a new market south of the border is a process that is requiring equal portions of persistence and patience.

Invest in expertise (06/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Architectural and engineering firm B.H. Lawrence Consultants in Timmins, have hired three individuals to explore new opportunities in exporting. The company’s exports are only about five per cent of its total business.