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Software boosts security (12/04)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Business leaders concerned about client confidentiality and secure Internet transactions may want to consider a Thunder Bay technology business aimed at helping keep a lid on Web interference.

CFDCs bolster job growth (11/04)

By JOSEPH QUESNEL Northern Ontario Business Community Futures Development Corporations have become a permanent fixture in Northern Ontario’s foreseeable future, says the manager of CFDC program delivery for northeastern Ontario.

Broadband project moves to build stage (11/04)

Project Skywire, an initiative to bring high-speed Internet access to unserved communities in the Blue Sky Region, is moving into the build stage.

Network supports IT industry (11/04)

By JOSEPH QUESNEL Northern Ontario Business IT companies in the North are starting to see the benefits of networking their services to the outside world, says a regional IT project manager.

Underground defence facility up for grabs (01/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business At least two data storage companies are interested in North Bay’s soon-to-be-vacated underground air defence facility, known locally as the Hole.

National accreditation received (04/04)

Cambrian College’s civil engineering technology program has received national accreditation from the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists.

Progressive firms embracing e-learning (04/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business Forward-thinking companies are embracing e-learning to become more productive, innovative and efficient, while creating a generation of employees who are motivated, life-long learners.

Roadmap to convergence (04/04)

“The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce salutes the Northern Voice and Data group of companies on their latest acquisition.

Animated success (04/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business It’s been called the Great White North’s version of South Park.

Scientists turn to industry for space technologies (07/04)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Northern Ontario Business Canadian scientists are going to Mars in 2011, and representatives from private and public industry visited Sudbury hailing opportunities for technology-driven institutions.