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Animated success (04/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business It's been called the Great White North's version of South Park.

Progressive firms embracing e-learning (04/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business Forward-thinking companies are embracing e-learning to become more productive, innovative and efficient, while creating a generation of employees who are motivated, life-long learners.

Underground defence facility up for grabs (01/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business At least two data storage companies are interested in North Bay's soon-to-be-vacated underground air defence facility, known locally as the Hole.

Mining field-trials pave way for fuel cell power (01/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business Within a couple of years, all the pieces will be in place for the North American mining industry to begin converting its underground diesel and battery-power mining vehicles to fuel-cell technology.

Innovator of the month (01/04)

Gord Brinkman, THE BEACON GORD BRINKMAN of Jellicoe recognized the need to enhance the safety of traffic control at construction sites, so he designed and produced a portable traffic control unit for use on two-lane highways and roads that easily hit

Inventions an industry in itself (01/04)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Northern Ontario Business Hundreds of inventions pass by Mike Gauthier's desk every year; so many in fact, that inventing has become an industry in itself.

Client privacy issues at the forefront (01/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Northern Ontario Business Protecting customer privacy does not need to be a burden. In fact, it can be a major selling point. On Jan.

Innovator of the month (02/04)

Peter Kaiser, Virtual reality KAISER is pioneering the use of virtual reality for mine planning and exploration decision making.

Get a business card in cyberspace (02/04)

Entrepreneurs think carefully about the time and money spent setting up their business. Every penny and minute is precious. Use of the Internet during these initial phases is fundamental.

Hospitality industry veterans lend new meaning to term BYOB (02/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Drinks and dollars are combining with bits and bytes in Chris Painter and Drew Bennett's world.