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Boréal builds its future with trades (11/05)

By CRAIG GILBERT Waiting on no one, College Boréal and its affiliated secondary school boards are taking a lead role in the drive for more French-language trades training.

Making His mark (03/04)

By IAN ROSS Mark Charbonneau wants to create a piece of high tech heaven.

Innovator of the month (03/04)

Bernice Adkins, an 85-year-old step dancer in Sudbury, invented a device that allows for water to be discharged from a hot water radiator without spraying. survivor connects with clients (04/04)

By IAN ROSS Irene Kozlowski admits to facing a steep learning curve during her first year as head of Sencia Canada Ltd.

Catching Internet bug leads to growth (05/04)

By ANDREW WAREING It does not matter how many bells and whistles a company's Web site may have, if the company does not have a good product, then a splashy Web site will not help sell the product, says Sara Callaway.

Software developer builds on artificial intelligence (05/04)

By IAN ROSS For Doug McCormack, writing a data mining software program is one of the more creative technological processes he can think of.

Merchandising tool solution for e-commerce novice (05/04)

By RICK HOULE Advertising in an overcrowded market place just became a little easier. Michael Fragomele Owning a small business can be difficult when trying to compete with large corporations, says a Sudbury-based entrepreneur.

Presence at prominent tradeshows a must (06/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Walter Siggelkow, HLS Hardline Solutions. Reputation is a powerful thing in the mining industry and Canada's reputation has been tarnished in the past, making it difficult for other companies like HLS Hard-Line Solutions in Dowling.

Paul Laplante, time saver for the renovator (06/04)

Paul Laplante, renovator and businessman, was putting up drywall and completing the job by taping the joints when he thought to himself "There must be an easier way to do this.

Aaron Vesa, tire lifter (07/04)

AARON VESA says one of the biggest problems in the mechanics trade today is the aging workforce. While companies have made machines to help relieve workers of heavy lifting, they have not invented a tool to help lift heavy tires onto the rims.