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Hospitality industry veterans lend new meaning to term BYOB (02/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Drinks and dollars are combining with bits and bytes in Chris Painter and Drew Bennett's world.

Executive assistants work virtually anywhere (11/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business They do everything but fetch your morning coffee and pick up the dry cleaning.

Software boosts security (12/04)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Business leaders concerned about client confidentiality and secure Internet transactions may want to consider a Thunder Bay technology business aimed at helping keep a lid on Web interference.

Consider needs when selecting accounting software (12/04)

By Andrew Wareing Business owners have a myriad of accounting software packages to choose from, but before making the investment, one may wish to conduct one's own needs assessment, says a computer consultant with Ross, Pope and Company in Timmins.

News releases: selling your story (12/04)

By Shirley Harasym Dating back to the early 1900s, news releases have been the oldest form of contact with the media, and are the absolute foundation of any publicity program.

New Pen pals (05/05)

By IAN ROSS A new alliance with a Mississauga-based software developer could open up new doors to bigger markets for a small northeastern Ontario high-tech firm.

Website to keep talent in the North (10/05)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE A new joint venture between Diversity Canada Foundation and Maplejobs Inc. has brought about a revolutionary new website tool for Northern employers to find prospective employees.

Light aircraft, heavy potential (06/05)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Successful negotiations with foreign distributors will land a northwestern helicopter kit company in the black with a record year in 2005.

Innovators of the month (07/05)

Centre front: Jennifer Maki, senior research specialist Left: Dr.

The ‘odyssey’ of two young entrepreneurs (08/05)

By IAN ROSS When Johnny and Maurissa Grano first launched Creative Odyssey 11 years ago, they had a difficult time getting anyone to take them seriously.