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Michael Atkins

Sometimes you just plain surprise yourself

If you know me, what follows would be the equivalent of me becoming a born again Christian.

The real wisdom of this political spring

As you read this, it is quite possible Stephen Harper is tucking himself into a nice big comfy loveseat in the corner at 24 Sussex Drive with an apple fritter and a double double savouring his hotly contested and hard-won majority government.

The frequent chimera of freedom and democracy

It’s impossible to watch Egypt demonstrating, Tunisia cleaning house, Saudi Arabia desperately ribing, Jordan firing cabinet ministers, Algeria shooting citizens in the streets, and Muammar Gaddafi bombing his own people without thinking about the hu

Tom Hill and a moment in time…..

My mother’s second husband, Tom Hill, died a few weeks ago. He was 90 years old.

As one year succeeds the next, let’s think

I sat down with some financial investors last week to talk about succession planning. Theirs, not mine.

On the growing impossibility of an age of reason

As I write, I am on the West Coast and the political conversation is about Gordon Campbell, the current and retiring premier of British Columbia. Mr.

The trials and tribulations of the journey

I began my writing career in Thunder Bay almost 40 years ago. It was sudden and inauspicious.

“We’ll become a branch office - just like Canada”

If you run a business publication in Northern Ontario, you are never far from the politics of resources.

It's summer and the living

Sometimes I frighten my wife. "All I need is a stereo, sufficient cash flow for a steady stream of Kraft Dinner, a bike and a one-room apartment the size of our garage reasonably close to a good library.

Sixteen tons and what do you get?

Long strikes get forgotten everywhere except where they happen. Sometimes they get forgotten before they are over. The United Steelworker/Vale fight to the finish this year had many twists and turns, some of them quite surprising.