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The Levert Group, proud of their Northern roots

All of us can relate to having aspirations of success or dreams of being our own boss. Beginning that journey of setting attainable goals and achieving them takes a lot of hard work and determination.

All of us can relate to having aspirations of success or dreams of being our own boss.

Beginning that journey of setting attainable goals and achieving them takes a lot of hard work and determination. Not every entrepreneur is successful in having to overcome their own sets of obstacles. Northern Ontario has its own set of challenges. Despite the region’s weather and widespread demographics, Northern opportunities also heavily rely on commodities; the delicate supply and demand balance, and the ever-rising operation costs of fuel and other resources.

Still, being successful anywhere means having the ability to adapt to ever-changing markets, while developing and maintaining a level of customer service and integrity in doing so. Some might argue its luck. For others, it may have a little something to do with DNA.

Richard Levert’s path to president of his own company in Sudbury may have begun in the shadows of his father, Wilfred Levert, who started a modest electrical business which grew into a thriving family business. As time passed, the family also had a reputation for being able to seek out reputable, hardworking employees through their connections in the community.

Not only did these opportunities feed the desire to assist members of his community by helping people find work, there was a niche in the market to provide reliable workers with reputable skills in order to fill gaps in local business. Almost 30 years later, with offices across Northern Ontario, Levert services northeastern and northwestern Ontario communities as well as Newfoundland and abroad. The Levert Group of companies has been, and continues to be, committed to giving back to the communities in which they serve.

The Levert Group consists of its Personnel Resources, Executive Worldwide, Celerity and Newfoundland Personnel staffing divisions. They provide industry-ready personnel resources, executive recruitment, staffing and employment within the mining, oil and gas, marine and industrial sectors.

Over the years, the company has established itself as the largest employment firm in Northern Ontario. In 2012, Levert acquired and partnered with Whalen Petroleum, as well as Newfoundland Personnel, to form valuable partnerships with expertise and experience in the field on Canada’s East Coast.

Through extensive recruiting and training processes, Levert has always been committed to provide clients with skilled, pre-screened, industry-ready candidates, along with complete payroll services in order to achieve their contract or long-term business goals.

For job seekers, the company provides employment opportunities for people searching for rewarding temporary or temporary-to-permanent employment. All of the group’s divisions are committed to connecting candidates with ideal employers, introducing them to a client base in which Levert holds strong, longstanding relationships.

The companies’ slogan, “Our Product is People”, is the very foundation of why the group is passionate about supporting community initiatives and giving back. It is with people in mind that continually drives Levert to stand by their values: sustainable growth, safety, service, dependability, customer focus, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty, with community and humanity being at the forefront.

Over the years, the group has supported various community-based charity organizations, focusing mostly on initiatives surrounding the health and wellness of children, or assisting families through hardships or illness. Levert sponsors Ronald MacDonald House, a safe haven for families having to support loved ones out of town for specialized care. Other programs, such as the Avalon East Kids Eat Smart Program and Special Olympics in Newfoundland, are also near and dear to the company’s core values.

One of Levert’s latest initiatives is to clean up areas of Timmins’ and Sudbury’s downtown cores, picking up litter while trying to sweep away what is left of winter’s dreary remnants. In doing this, Levert hopes to surround themselves and others with a cleaner landscape, helping to kickstart spring.

Levert has participated in other downtown beautification efforts in the past by purchasing a permanently affixed city garbage can, and annually purchasing floral hanging baskets, just to name a few.

Richard Levert personally believes strongly that beautification projects benefit everyone. Supporting the next generation of employers, employees and the communities in which they work are beneficial to the overall sustainability of healthy families and economies.

One can be certain to see some Levert employees and volunteers periodically hard at work participating in cleanup projects as one way to say “Thank You” for the business and continuous support of their communities over the years.

They are encouraging others to join in their city’s local efforts to pitch in and participate in similar projects by contacting their city’s representatives. Not only will you feel good doing it, you will also be setting an example for others while providing a healthier, more pleasant place for you and your families to work in and enjoy.