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Mining Companies to Watch: Tracks + Wheels Equipment Brokers

Tracks + Wheels Equipment Brokers in Sudbury has introduced three new mining utility vehicles to its MineMaster lineup.
The MineMaster Diesel Commander personnel carrier, manufactured by Tracks + Wheels, was designed and manufactured in-house, following years of customer input and research.

Tracks + Wheels Equipment Brokers of Sudbury is committed to finding innovative solutions for clients in the mining, construction and agricultural and landscaping sectors.

And with the addition of three new mining utility vehicles to its MineMaster line of equipment, the company affirms its position as a leader in mining innovation.

The MineMaster R530 Series is a versatile and state-of-the-art multi-purpose vehicle designed for the harsh underground environment. 

Engineering manager John Le said the heavy-duty articulated frame allows for exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spaces and can support up to 6,000 pounds with the forklift attachment. That means the vehicle can handle multiple tasks easier, and therefore increase production efficiency.

“There’s a lot more improvement from the previous model,” said Le.

“It’s more stable, it has a T4 final engine which not many underground forklifts have now; I think we are going to be the first T4 forklift underground.” 

Lee said the R530 is easier to operate and features an electronic hydrostatic transmission, multi-function operating lever, deluxe interior – making it more comfortable for the driver – and digital diagnostic indicators.

“We kept all the good features from the previous MineMaster R20s model,” said Le.

The MineMaster Diesel Commander, a new class in underground personnel carriers, was designed and manufactured in-house, following years of customer input and research. The Commander offers a comfortable and controlled ride without sacrificing payload capacity – with a 4,500-pound limit – and low maintenance requirements and ground level service. 

Le calls it the ‘Cadillac’ of personnel carriers because it features the choice of two proven engines, a 121-horsepower Mercedes or 130-horsepower Cummins engine. The model has the choice of an open cab or closed cab with available heat and air conditioning.

“It was more difficult for us to design open-frame structure and it’s expensive to produce, but it’s what the customer needs,” said Le, adding the vehicle has a lifespan between 10 to 15 years.

“Everyone is looking for a vehicle that is reliable with less downtime and we believe this is the one for them.”

The vehicle travels smoothly across any terrain thanks to a four-link suspension system with heavy duty coil over shocks.

“It has been tested in the mine and it’s working well,” said Le. “Designing for mines is extremely difficult because we have the challenge of varying temperatures.”

In winter, surface temperatures reach below 30 degrees Celsius and when travelling underground temperature can rises quickly to above 30 degrees Celsius.

“But our machine is designed for winter and for underground,” said Le.  “We are very proud of this vehicle.”

Tracks + Wheels has incorporated the latest technological advances with the development of its green product line and the MineMaster EV Commander. The 100 per cent fully electric powered Commander can be used in ultra-deep mines 2.5 kilometres (8,200 feet) underground.

With zero emissions, it has immediate impact on air quality and the health and safety of an underground workforce while helping to reduce the employer’s ventilation costs, said Le.

The vehicle features two electric motors without transmission or tranfercase, and results in lower maintenance costs and less noise underground. And with on-board chargers that do not require transformers, in turn the machine is more efficient. Portion of the project cost is sponsored by CEMI’s Ultra Deep Mining Network.

The company collaborated with Laurentian University in terms of research and development over the course of two years, resulting in a vehicle that incorporates the latest technology. 

The EV Series can easily transform into a two up to nine personnel carrier or be used as a utility vehicle, and equipped with a rear carrier, built-in toolboxes, rear work platform or a rear hydraulic tilt bed. As a service vehicle, it can be equipped with a winch, generator and air compressors for servicing other equipment.