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Indigenous Studies: Quality education in Indigenous knowledge and practice
Nishnaabe-gkendaaswin Teg arbour – meaning 'where Indigenous knowledge is' – at the University of Sudbury.

The University of Sudbury is a bilingual and tri-cultural university committed to promoting the traditions and culture of the Indigenous peoples. It offers programs in Philosophy, Religious Studies, Folklore, Journalism, and Indigenous Studies – all of which are accredited towards a Laurentian University degree. Visit for details!

The University of Sudbury’s Department of Indigenous Studies promotes an understanding of Indigenous peoples, their traditions, aspirations and participation in local, national and international communities.  Key areas of study include: Health and wellness (examines contemporary health problems that Indigenous people face); Politics and law (encompasses Indigenous and treaty rights, governance and decolonization, Indigenous sovereignty and settler relations in both the Canadian and international context); Social justice (examines issues in the context of family and community life and from the perspectives of social policy and family law); Traditional environmental knowledge (takes a traditional ecological knowledge approach to environmental challenges at the local and international level); Culture  (focuses on the interplay of traditional values, identity, spirituality and the language; Courses on Nishnaabemwin and Cree are also offered).  In addition to in-class delivery, the program also offers distance education courses, part-time studies, and is inclusive of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.  

The University of Sudbury is dedicated to making education financially accessible by providing numerous scholarships, bursaries, and awards to their students.

Financial aid available specifically for Indigenous students includes: Stella Kinoshameg Award in Indigenous Studies; Dr. Constance Elaine Jayne Williams and Charles L. Williams Educational Trust Scholarship; Maple Grove United Church Scholarship; Rotary Aboriginal Scholarship Fund.

The University is pleased to be able to offer such scholarships with the help of its donors, to assist dedicated individuals in their studies and help foster their success as they continue their academic journeys and careers.

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