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Revenue sharing with North Star Air

North Star Air strengthens their business relationships with First Nations communities by adding more services to accommodate and align with the existing and future market demands of the North. 

Air transportation services are a vital link for remote First Nations communities. As part of an overall strategic plan to self-determination, many communities have made a strategic business decision to partner with North Star Air to enable more efficient access to essential lifelines.

This decision was also made on the basis of North Star Air’s air transportation solutions that include the Basler BT-67 as part of their fleet. It is the most competitive and reliable cargo aircraft to service the growing demands and challenging conditions of the North. The increase in the demand for passenger air service also led North Star Air to add the larger aircraft Dash8 and ATR passenger service to their partner communities.

Beginning in 1997 as a floatplane service, North Star Air has steadily evolved its service capabilities and transformed its fleet. In 2017, new ownership was acquired and today North Star Air is a leading Northern Ontario full-service airline.

As a leading provider of charter, passenger and cargo/fuel services, they make it their passion and commitment to safety, affordability and reliability. 

Their mission is to connect remote Northern communities and their vision is to provide the best possible customer experience throughout their entire journey. Integrity is at the cornerstone of their core values as they continue to strive for excellence.

Connecting people, businesses and communities is what North Star Air does best, but most importantly, they are fully committed to contributing back to the communities. North Star Air stands behind their commitment of a revenue-sharing agreement for the purpose of investing back into the local communities. 

The revenue-sharing agreement extends across all of North Star Air’s air transportation services that include passenger, charter, cargo and fuel, whereby a percentage of the revenues generated from this partnership are paid back to the community for future investments into their economic development.

Remote communities are continuously seeking short and long-term solution-based business partnerships that generate revenues and other benefits to broaden their socio-economic development opportunities. 

The focus of this revenue-sharing agreement is to provide the necessary air transportation services that will enable the distribution and deployment of utilities, communication technologies, fuel, infrastructure, food, healthcare services, other perishable goods, and air passengers.

In addition to benefitting the community at large, the agreement also benefits community members directly as they now have more choices and options for air passenger services, thereby lessening the challenges that many Northern communities face when it comes to air transportation services.

In 2013, North Star Air partnered with Muskrat Dam and Sachigo Lake First Nations. 2014 was a busy year with Cat Lake, Deer Lake, Kashechewan, Neskantaga and North Caribou Lake First Nations partnering with the revenue-sharing agreement. 

In 2015, Poplar Hill and Webequie First Nations also joined the North Star Air team, with Marten Falls First Nation signing on in 2017. To date, North Star Air’s revenue-sharing program has generated just over $2.8 million for its strategic partners, while providing safe, affordable and reliable air transportation solutions.

Today, North Star Air services over 54 remote Northern communities with its fleet of 17 aircraft and more than 250 dedicated employees. Most importantly, North Star Air has made, and continues to make, a difference in the North. 

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