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CORPORATE PROFILE: Sunwire: Connecting Northern Ontario businesses using unified communications

Sunwire's phone solutions allow you to customize, manage and monitor every aspect of your organization's phone system with the easy-to-use administrative web portal.
Sunwire's phone services are perfect for mobile workers or multi-site offices.

Through acquisitions and organic expansion, telecommunications provider Sunwire Inc. continues to methodically grow in a broad range of markets, offering clients a wide array of technology and communication solutions such as Internet, telephone lines and phone systems, cloud computing as well as hosting and IT services.

Founded in Sudbury, Ontario as a software development firm in 2009, Sunwire was able to achieve early success by developing a state-of-the-art, fully customizable and scalable IP-based business telephone system. In 2010, the phone system turned into a deployable appliance – the SolSwitch.

The team believed that their technology and skillset could revolutionize the way businesses communicate – and they were right. In 2012, Sunwire’s hard work and determination earned them the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce’s Business Start-Up Award.

By 2014, Sunwire added two additional carrier-grade SolSwitch models, several back-up tools and options, a hotel hospitality suite module and different types of mobile integration. Powered by their SolSwitch, Sunwire could offer services to a variety of clientele across all of Canada as well as abroad.

“We have been dealing with Sunwire for quite some time and their system’s mobile integration is great for our staff to stay connected with the office when they are on the road or away, both in Canada and abroad,” said Michael Gribbons, Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing at Maestro Digital Mine. “We are very satisfied with our decision – which is why we’ve been using Sunwire since 2012.”

Building off the momentum from its business services, Sunwire introduced high-speed Home Internet and Home Phone to Greater Sudbury in late 2015 and quickly expanded throughout other Northern Ontario communities such as Timmins, Elliot Lake, Espanola, Kirkland Lake, Sturgeon Falls and Temiskaming Shores.

Today, Sunwire offers residential Internet and phone services across most of Ontario and Quebec as well as business telecommunication solutions throughout the country. The ability to deliver consistent services over large geographic areas is something Sunwire is very familiar with. Their solutions enable businesses to unify their communication efforts across multiple office locations without the added costs related to site-specific infrastructures.

“Sunwire’s system has given us the ability to move to a central call answering solution while still providing our customers with a live person answering calls,” says Trisha Clouthier, Manager of Special Projects with Cambrian Insurance. “In addition to increasing efficiencies, our new phone system has allowed us to connect all of our locations that are spread out across Northern Ontario.”

“We work diligently on delivering reliable services that increase an organization’s telephone system functionality and flexibility while reducing monthly operating costs,” says Alex Levesque, VP of Sales at Sunwire. “for example, businesses with multiple offices can pool their phone lines together rather than having a specified number of dedicated lines per location. This is only one example of the many cost and time-saving benefits we deliver.”

Sunwire’s defined mission statement is to provide powerful solutions that are flexible, affordable and powerful yet easy to use. They look to simplify communication for organizations while empowering their end users.

Gus Minor, Superintendent of Technology at Technica Mining, praises Sunwire, “When building our new headquarters, I was tasked with finding a reliable and affordable telephone system that offered the flexibility and reliability we required. After receiving quotes from three different providers, it was clear that Sunwire was the best fit.”

Minor continued, “Working with Sunwire’s team to install the service was smooth, seamless and well-organized. The SolSwitch’s easy-to-use administrative web portal also allowed us to take full control of the system in order to quickly and easily manage our organization’s telephony features. Since its implementation, we have been able to service our growing infrastructure very well – customizing every aspect of the system’s functionality along the way.”

Sunwire has a vision to become a leading one-stop-shop for residential and business telecommunication and technology solutions. One step in reaching that vision was achieved in 2017 with the acquisition of cloud and information technology (IT) firm Northern Voice & Data Inc. Both Sunwire and Northern Voice and Data continue to operate as separate entities but share their resources and knowledge.

“Each of our teams of experts offer unparalleled levels of knowledge and experience across multiple technology platforms,” says Jason Legault, President and CEO of Sunwire. “With the addition of Northern Voice & Data’s portfolio, we now offer a premium experience regardless of a client’s existing solution or infrastructure.

At Sunwire, we believe that technology and communication made simple is the ultimate form of sophistication – and that’s what we aim to achieve.”

To learn more about how Sunwire can help you, visit or call 1-833-727-6777.

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