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Business Growth: Twiggs Coffee Roasters

Twiggs Coffee Roasters, which began in North Bay, is seeking an entrepreneur to open its newest franchise in Timmins.

With its organic, fair-trade coffee and fresh menu items, Twiggs Coffee Roasters has become the go-to java joint for North Bay and Sudbury coffee lovers. 

Now, Twiggs wants to bring that same high-quality café experience to Timmins.

Founded in 1995 by Jennifer Twigg, Twiggs Coffee Roasters launched its first location in North Bay’s downtown, serving up coffee brewed from freshly roasted beans, and wholesome, healthful meals.

Success came slowly, but by 2009, the popularity of coffee culture had blossomed, and the company opened a second location in the city’s east end. 

Today, there are two locations in North Bay, one in Sturgeon Falls, and one in Sudbury.

The company continues to take a measured approach to growth, but in Timmins, where demand for Twiggs’ products has been steadily growing, the time is right for the City with a Heart of Gold to get a franchise of its own. 

That’s why Twiggs is seeking a hardworking, enthusiastic entrepreneur to become its newest franchisee.

Integral to the Twiggs experience is the use of organic, fairly sourced coffee beans, which are brought in directly from their countries of origin and freshly roasted in house. 

Using these unique blends as a base, knowledgeable baristas can skillfully whip up a specialty coffee of your choice.

Items on Twiggs’ healthy-eating menu are made to order using as many local products as possible, including bread and meats delivered every morning from a local bakery and butcher. 

Healthful soups and sandwiches from the deli are customer favourites, but the variety of choices on offer includes fruit smoothies, tapas, pizzas, and an array of delectable desserts.

The eatery also offers catering services for business meetings, networking luncheons, staff retreats and more.

Franchisees and employees undergo extensive training to ensure that Twiggs’ exacting standards around procedure and customer service are maintained to the highest degree. 

Attention to detail and personalized service are hallmarks of the Twiggs experience.

The company is also known for giving back to the communities in which they operate. 

In 2002, Twiggs donated $50,000 to the North Bay Regional Hospital for a new treatment room, and two cents from the purchase of every takeout coffee is donated to One Kids Place Children’s Treatment Centre.

This approach to good citizenship – and good coffee – awaits the passionate Timmins entrepreneur who wants to be part of a fun, motivational work environment.

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