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Business Growth: Spectrum Telecom

Spectrum Telecom provides wireless communications solutions to clients throughout Northern Ontario.

Spectrum Telecom has been providing wireless solutions to a variety of industries and government services throughout Northern Ontario for over 25 years. As Motorola’s largest regional dealer in Canada, they have seen many changes in the radio technology industry.

Wireless communication is not just limited to radios anymore. It is about data applications interfacing with radio devices; it is about point-to-point and multi-point links. Time is money, and information is valuable; transporting it securely and effectively is the prevalent factor. This is where Spectrum comes in by leveraging their vast experience in wireless communications.

Under the new leadership team, Spectrum Telecom has diversified their business by offering their customers new software, Wi-Fi solutions and digital communications to meet the growing changes of their customers. This has transpired into growth of their Tower Rigging Division and new expansion into their Broadband division.

They have received awards from Motorola, Northern Ontario Business, the coveted Company of the Year Award in 2017 from the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce and recognition as a Top 5 Employer in Northern Ontario.

Every industry requires technology to communicate, and the need for live connectivity to a team has changed. As a result, Spectrum established and created “TALKPLUS,” a wide area voice communications network, layered with GPS reporting. It has been one of their greatest achievements, deploying a new PTT (push to talk) network comprised of 15 new tower sites, including in areas where there is no cellular coverage. TALKPLUS is unique to the North and it has changed how business can stay connected. While travelling in cities such as Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie and many areas in between, workers and managers can stay in touch. Customers with fleets can now communicate from a central dispatch location, including coverage up Highways 144 and 101, and on remote logging roads in between.

Motorola has recognized Spectrum’s innovation and they were the exclusive Canadian partner to be invited to participate in a beta program for their Wave OnCloud solution. With this solution, companies can use a mobile APP on their phone and instantly PTT to their mobile fleet wherever they are working. Spectrum took it one step further by integrating the Wave OnCloud solution with Wi-Fi for underground mining. The NORCAT mine outside of Sudbury has been equipped with the latest in Wi-Fi radios. This is the solution mines have been asking for. Workers can now safety and productively communicate over Wi-Fi, VoIP, leaky feeder and from radio to radio. These radios enable the mine to track the location of their personnel for less than $50 per iBeacon.

This solution isn’t only limited to mining. Spectrum installed Alarm Control Software in an industrial mill. The software wirelessly alerts their employees on their digital radios and cell phones of equipment failures, allowing them to react to situations within a timely manner.

Times have certainly changed. Today, they have GPS software to help companies track their personnel, fuel usage, engine faults and to enforce seatbelt policies. They can link IP cameras in remote locations wirelessly back to a server for security monitoring and to improve how a company can implement a “working alone” program.

Spectrum Telecom’s company reflects technological improvements and, just like technology improves and advances year over year, so does the company. The Spectrum team is looking forward to tomorrow to help create a simplified, wireless world.