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Business Growth: North Star Air

Headquartered in Thunder Bay, North Star Air services more than 55 remote communities in Northern Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut.

In today’s world, aviation plays a key role in supporting industry in Northern Ontario, Northern Manitoba and Canada’s remote north, and not just in areas lacking roads. From the transporting of staff to and from operations in remote locations to the transport of key equipment, aviation is the answer. If you’re looking for an airline that provides safe, reliable service, then you need not look any further.

North Star Air, with a head office based in Thunder Bay, Ont., has become a real game-changer when it comes to providing air service to remote and northern destinations in Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut. “Flying into remote areas is our business,” says Vice-President of Commercial Operations Jeff Stout. “We’re proud of our ability to work with customers and not just meet, but exceed, their needs. We have a great team that has the experience to get the job done on time and, more importantly, safely.”

It took just over 20 years to become the successful airline they are today. With continuous growth and expansion in the future, North Star Air is an airline you want to do business with. Right now. Their diverse fleet ranges from smaller PC-12 passenger aircraft to larger turbo DC-3 and ATR-72 freight aircraft, along with passenger ATR-42 aircraft in Spring of 2019.

Today, North Star Air services over 55 remote Northern Ontario, Northern Manitoba and Nunavut communities with its fleet of 17 aircraft and 240+ dedicated employees. With additional bases in Red Lake, Pickle Lake, Sioux Lookout, Kapuskasing and Thompson, MB, North Star Air can accommodate your passenger, charter, big and small cargo, and fuel delivery needs. Most importantly, North Star Air has made and continues to make a difference in the North.

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