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Business Growth: Materials Joining Innovation Centre

MaJIC assists Canadian welding companies become more productive, efficient, and operate safer through innovation and applied research.

In the 10 years since its creation, the Material Joining Innovation Centre (MaJIC) has certainly raised the bar in assisting technology-driven companies to enhance productivity, meet regulatory requirements and improve safety.

“We’re established and we’re a partner for businesses in the North,” said Jeff Molyneaux, MaJIC’s executive director and CEO. “Every year we help hundreds of different businesses along the way.”

Located on the Northern College campus in Kirkland Lake, MaJIC is independent of the college, though still affiliated through Northern’s welding engineering technology program.

MaJIC’s mandate is to assist Canadian welding companies become more productive, efficient, and operate safer through innovation and applied research.

With fully equipped labs of advance welding and analytical equipment, MaJIC has evolved over the decade to perform myriad advisory services in civil engineering, mechanical and metallurgical testing, training and certification, and structural design services. 

Over the years, the dedicated staff of 10 full-timers and three part-timers work with regional, North American and international clients involved in power generation, oil and gas, manufacturing, fabrication, steelmaking and foundry work, automotive, aerospace, and forestry. 

Within the mining sector, MaJIC often performs stress and strain testing on large underground equipment.

“It comes down to being in it for the greater good of Northern Ontario and the economic development of the area, not to make money,” said Molyneaux.

Their state-of-the-art facility is equipped with an abrasive waterjet machine, induction braze unit, and thermal and high-definition cameras. As the needs of their clients change with time, MaJIC is always looking for ways to improve their services to better service the industry. 

In recent years, the greatest segment of growth has been on the civil engineering side, said Molyneaux.

For a reasonable fee, the organization can provide independent structural engineering assessments and lab testing services to farmers, small commercial and retail businesses, municipal building inspectors, and individual homeowners.

The not-for-profit organization has an architectural designer on staff to assist clients with both civil and architectural services for those designing their first home or renovating a building.

Services also include zoning advice, bylaw compliance, construction supervision and inspection of the final project. The broad range of civil and architectural services gives MaJIC the ability to offer clients the support they need to complete their construction projects both on time, and on budget.

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