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Business Growth: Materials Joining Initiative Centre (MaJIC)

The Materials Joining Innovation Centre (MaJIC) is a not-for-profit organization created to fill industry's need for practical welding expertise.

To say MaJIC has had an exciting year would be an understatement.

With a recent influx of funding, MaJIC has been able to purchase more equipment, add more service capabilities, and expand operations. With a state-of-the-art facility, they have purchased an abrasive waterjet machine, induction braze unit, and a thermal and high-definition camera. As the needs of their clients change with time, MaJIC is always looking for ways to improve their services to better service the industry. 

 Recently, MaJIC has added a new element to their business – an architectural designer. Now MaJIC is able to offer both civil and architectural services in-house. Whether you’re designing your first home or renovating a current building, from beginning to end, MaJIC can help. Services also include zoning advice, bylaw compliance, construction supervision and inspection of the final project. The broad range of civil and architectural services gives MaJIC the ability to offer companies, contractors, and individuals the support they need to complete their construction projects both on time, and on budget.

As part of MaJIC’s mandate of promoting the advancement of welding in industry, retained welding engineering will supplement the research, laboratory and field services already in place. MaJIC prides itself in helping small and mid-sized organizations to maintain certificates, and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of welding in their operations.

MaJIC enhances public safety and corporate profitability by offering technology-based companies expertise in joining materials. MaJIC solves problems in materials joining through services such as testing for certification, technical advice, training, procedure development and applied research. The products and services of MaJIC are rooted in the innovative applications of emerging materials joining technologies. MaJIC works independently and in partnership with industry, regulatory/certifying bodies, educational and research institutions, and government.

MaJIC’s main goal this year was to connect with current clients but also expand their services to new clients. Spending a lot of time talking to past and current clients, MaJIC has been able to determine the needs of their clients and help expand their services in the future. 

An exceptionally fast turnaround period and an expertise in engineering excellence are still what separates the Materials Joining Innovation Centre from the rest. With a dedicated staff and innovative team, MaJIC has been able to raise the bar of standard service throughout the North and would like to not only thank the team, but also their loyal client-base for continuing to trust them with all of their engineering necessities.