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Business Growth: John R. Hamalainen Engineering

John R. Hamalainen Engineering provides engineering solutions to clients across Ontario.

For 30 years, John Hamalainen has provided innovative engineering solutions to clients across Ontario.

His home business developed into a successful firm, well known in the consulting engineering industry.

“At the beginning, most of our client base was within the Sudbury region and later evolved across the North,” said Hamalainen. “Now we’re across Ontario.”

Initially, the firm was focused on mechanical electrical building services engineering, but quickly earned a reputation for its ability to diversify and manage large projects.

Working on the Carmichael Falls Generating Station (Groundhog River near Fauquier) in the 1990s was a game-changer for the firm.

“We were fortunate enough to become the prime mechanical/electrical consultant for this unique four-year project,” said Hamalainen. “We were there from when the river was flowing to when the dam and generating station were complete.”

These days, the engineering firm may work on 40 projects at one time; some projects take years to bring to completion.

“We receive cold calls from new clients with referrals to our firm. But most engineering work comes from repeat clients.”

Hamalainen is seeing more projects adopting green technology by incorporating sustainable design and energy efficiency. “People are more in tune to the environment and companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint,” he said.

With all levels of government upgrading facilities to adopt green technology, the engineering firm expects to be busy and has hired additional staff.

“We are always looking for talented individuals so there may be more growth in the future.”

To be located in Sudbury is ideal for personal and professional reasons.

Born and raised here, the only time I left was to attend the University of Waterloo for my engineering degree,” he said.

“I’m rooted in Sudbury. I think there’s opportunity here for an engineering firm.”

Hamalainen was inspired by engineering at a young age. His father, an electrician at INCO Ltd., would service homes for extra income. Hamalainen would often accompany his father.

“I was always intrigued by electrical, so I would do science projects and work on things around the house.”

His children seem to be following in his footsteps; his daughter is studying mathematics at the University of Waterloo and his 11-year-old son wants to be an engineer like his dad.