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Business Growth: Advanced Textile Technologies

Advanced Textile Technologies Inc. offers cutting, scanning and digitizing capabilities, along with prototyping services and cut-and-sew operations.

Advanced Textile Technologies (ATT) is a Sudbury company offering services to Northern Ontario businesses. Previously, these services could only be found with large companies in the south.

ATT has acquired an Eastman Eagle C125 Computer Numeric Control System, which has the capability to cut through a wide array of textiles from materials as thin as spandex to bulletproof Kevlar. This new machine, along with ATT’s sewing and welding capabilities, will allow the company to supply a vast number of industrial and commercial products and services. The automated cutting table allows the company to cut at high volume in a short period of time creating cost efficiencies along with precise quality finished product. ATT welcomes companies from all industries including anyone with a design for a product, from individuals to the forestry, mining, trucking, construction and recreation industries. 

Having design, prototyping, cutting, sewing and welding services all under one roof means all work is done in-house. CAD software such as SolidWorks, Rhino and ExactFlat allow 2D and 3D designs to be imported and manipulated to a flattened file ready for the automated cutting table.

Along with the new technology is a team of highly skilled and experienced fabricators, craftsmen and designers with years of experience in fabricating soft goods.

ATT is located at 967 Falconbridge Road, Sudbury, Ontario, in a 25,000-square-foot facility.