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University launches e-commerce degree program (2/02)

By Ian Ross In keeping with the City of Greater Sudbury's mandate to establish a thriving information technology sector, Laurentian University is unveiling a new four-year e-commerce degree program.

City invites businesses to venture online (2/02)

By Ian Ross Educating fledgling entrepreneurs and the business community on how to take full advantage of integrating electronic technology into their company is behind a newly created e-commerce specialist position with the City of Greater Sudbury.

Distance-learning programs enhanced (2/02)

By Ian Ross A northern pioneer in distance learning is installing a new telecommunications system to better deliver its programs and courses to small and remote northern communities.

Bridging the gap between researchers, industry (2/02)

By Ian Ross For a small player in the crowded Sudbury mining supply field, any opportunity to provide a value-added service is a definite selling point.

Expansion of call centre industry continues (2/02)

By Ian Ross The roster of call centres in Sudbury continued to swell in 2001 with no sign of market saturation. The newest centre on the block is AllTel Marketing Corp., which opened an outbound facility in the east end of Sudbury in December.

Northwest may get its share of medical school (2/02)

By Ian Ross Based on howls of protest from northwestern Ontario over the controversial format of the proposed northern medical school, there appears to be some movement afoot to grant Thunder Bay a greater role in the project, says one of its archite

Wireless network to be developed on Manitoulin Island (2/02)

Businesses, schools and social service agencies on Manitoulin Island will take a greater step toward global connectivity with enhanced pager and Internet connections. FedNor is committing $222,500 to the LaCloche Manitoulin Business Assistance Corp.

Dough runs out, franchisees forced to close up shop (1/02)

By Ian Ross Don and Norma Moore feel as if they were set up to fail.

Green energy: next niche of development (1/02)

By Ian Ross The bone-chilling wind that cuts through Sudburians in winter may eventually play a role in keeping them warm.

City of Greater Sudbury to host ecotourism conference (1/02)

An upcoming conference is expected to further establish Sudbury and Northern Ontario as destinations for ecotourism and ecoadventure tourism, city officials say.