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TPS faces labour gap with unique work model

By CRAIG GILBERT Greater Sudbury – There is a whole galaxy of Northern companies facing a labour shortage, but only one has resorted to hiring a top National Hockey League draft pick to help bridge the gap.

Airport above water – for now

By ADELLE LARMOUR Earlton – Creativity and perseverance are keeping the Earlton Timiskaming Regional Airport’s head above the water – for the moment.

Night work earns Pioneer paving award

By IAN ROSS Working the night shift paid award-winning dividends for Pioneer Construction.

Flying high, Air Creebec leads by example

By ADELLE LARMOUR Greater Sudbury – It takes a certain amount of fortitude to admit a lack of knowledge and experience.

Airport Corp. wants to ‘create excitement'

By IAN ROSS The drivers behind the creation of North Bay’s aerospace sector are widening their scope to attract new business to the Gateway City.

Runway at Jack Garland a challenge, opportunity

By IAN ROSS Hosting a 10,000-foot runway at North Bay’s Jack Garland Airport can be both a blessing and a curse for the city’s airport corporation.

5th Wheel Training rolling due south

By ADELLE LARMOUR The wheels are rolling southward for New Liskeard’s 5th Wheel Training Institute as they kick off the opening of their new facility in Warwick.

gateway targets growth areas

By ANDREW WAREING Northern Ontario Business Industry growth in mining and forestry has proven to be a boon to business for Gateway Helicopters in North Bay. Gateway Helicopters Ltd.

Aviation industry slow to take off (04/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Northern Ontario Business While most major centres in Northern Ontario are plotting economic strategies to spur airport development and growth in an effort to offset losses from reduced passenger air travel since 9/11, Thunder Bay's

Going my way? (11/04)

By IAN ROSS A reduction in flights to two northeastern Ontario airports has some frustrated business leaders pondering their transportation alternatives, which may not bode well for the immediate future of regional airline travel.