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Competition crux of port's declining grain shipments (10/03)

BY KELLY LOUISEIZE A number of variables have made it difficult for officials to pinpoint the reason why the Thunder Bay Port Authority's shipment of grain cargo has been declining over the years.

Northern ports await federal security dollars (10/04)

By IAN ROSS Three years after the Sept. 11 attacks, a federal program designed to tighten up security at Great Lakes ports still remains unclear on how millions will be spent to make Canada's ports more secure.

Revenue losses ground flights at Earlton airport (8/03)

By ANDREW WAREING Air passenger service came to a standstill this spring at Earlton Airport following a massive decline in passengers, but efforts are underway to re-introduce the service.

Aviation industry set to take off (5/03)

By IAN ROSS This year is a much-anticipated time at Thunder Bay International Airport.

Timmins lands low-cost carrier (2/03)

By SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW The Timmins Airport has continued to supply its usual services and has expanded its business.

Paterson a casualty in shipping industry (8/02)

By Ian Ross Recognizable for 87 years for the distinctive 'P' affixed to their black smoke stacks, the bulk freighter fleet of N. M. Paterson and Sons Ltd. of Thunder Bay has sailed into history.

Sudbury repositioning airport as catalyst for economic development (9/02)

By Kelly Louiseize The air terminal building at Greater Sudbury Airport will undergo a $6.34-million expansion and renovation project with the intent to encourage economic development in Northern Ontario.

Aging workforce cause for concern (10/02)

By Ian Ross Canada's rail industry workforce is graying faster and rail companies expect to be scrambling in the coming years to infuse young talent into the ranks.

Airline lands funding (8/01)

Wasaya Ma Mow Ltd., a subsidiary of Wasaya Corp., received a funding boost of $151,400 from the Ministry of Indian Affairs to improve service in the North.

Furniture company custom-designed success (07/05)

By IAN ROSS Mass customization is the key to survive and thrive in a highly competitive North American market for a New Liskeard office furniture maker.