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Morgan Fuels expands its footprint into northeastern Ontario

Northwestern Ontario fuel supplier acquires Propane Energy Solutions
Darrell Morgan is president at Morgan Fuels, the third generation of the family to own and operate the business.

Morgan Fuels, a well-known northwestern Ontario fuel supplier, has acquired Propane Energy Solutions of Thunder Bay. The deal will be finalized June 19.

In a June 13 announcement, Morgan Fuels said the acquisition provides for a “seamless offering of propane” from the Manitoba border over the Highway 11 communities and along the north shore of Lake Superior.

Privately held Morgan Fuels is a third-generation family business that’s served the residential, commercial and natural resources fields since 1935, distributing propane, aviation fuel, Esso products and lubricants in Thunder Bay, across northwestern Ontario and into Manitoba.

Similarly, family-owned Propane Energy Solutions (PES) has serviced the Thunder Bay area since Albert Bernier began the enterprise in 1973, then known as Bernier Propane, starting in his hometown of Iroquois Falls. Marc Carriere purchased the business in 2009.

Morgan Fuels said PES will continue to operate in Iroquois Falls, Chapleau and New Liskeard under its current banner. As well, they will staff two offices in Thunder Bay at this time and will serve customers through both locations.

In the release, Morgan Fuels bills this as a “one-stop opportunity” for customers to receive “excellence in customer service” as “family values and community-mindedness remain essential to its success and guide business decisions.”

In a statement, Morgan Fuels president Darrell Morgan said the acquisition of PES will “raise the level of service” they will provide to existing and new customers.