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Build alliances with big players (06/04)

By ANDREW WAREING For IT strategies consulting company Collective Minds Consulting in North Bay, breaking into a new market south of the border is a process that is requiring equal portions of persistence and patience.

Web hosting firm finds niche in data storage (06/04)

KELLY LOUISEIZE A Thunder Bay IT firm has developed easy-to-use information warehousing software for companies concerned about data safety.

Postcards give bang for a buck (06/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Tony Marinaro, director of operations for Kish-Gon-Dug Canada in Devlin, Ont., says the $1,000 they spent on post cards to lawn and garden retailers in the U.S. is proving to have been a wise investment.

Piggyback on related companies (06/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Steve Matusch is co-owner of Ionic Engineering with Steve Reichle. Ionic Engineering specializes in automation and robotics in the mining sector.

Know when to invest in a strategic plan (06/04)

By ANDREW WAREING An online listing of project tenders is proving an invaluable tool for Thunder Bay's Tangent Stair Manufacturing with exports to the U.S. expected to expand considerably in the coming year.

Diversify your product line (06/04)

By IAN ROSS The head of NorWa Manufacturing and Distribution Co. knew two things when he launched his business three years ago: Northern Ontario forestry mills generate tons of wood waste and horses have a propensity to defecate - a lot.

City looks to opportunities in data storage (04/04)

By ANDREW WAREING Even as Timmins' future is starting to shine brighter with the glint of gold and nickel, there is no reason for the community to rest on its laurels.

O.N.Telcom unveils new name, new image (07/04)

By IAN ROSS Northern Ontario Business O.N. Telcom has adopted a new name and a growth strategy to expand its base across Northern Ontario.

Cafe, Internet an affordable mix (05/04)

By RICK HOULE Tom Stephenson, cafe manager at Sault Ste. Marie's Hidden Bay Cafe, has recognized the growing trend in laptop computer use and has added a wireless Internet connection to his establishment.

Innovator of the month (12/03)

WESSMAN of North Bay, after six years of toiling with his idea, invented a set of wings that bolt onto each side of a snowblower and enables an extra six inches of snow to be cleared on either side. The wings can be adjusted to various angles.